Laziness Test « The Magnificent Frog

Laziness Test « The Magnificent Frog

An update from yesterday.  The estate agent has just phoned me.

Estate agents are officially less lazy that solicitors.

Apparently the delay is with the solicitor of the people I am buying le château de grenouille from.  They must be even worse than my own solicitors. 😉

Oh and apparently it takes two (2) weeks to post a contract out for signature.  Presumably legal postage isn’t done by DX or the post office but by a specially trained team of blind and asthmatic snails (Similar to the post office in many ways).

Snail mail

On the plus side I’m meeting the beautiful Chloe for a pint after work where I will, no doubt, unkindly mock her new Cherry Lambrini style haircut.


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9 responses to “Laziness Test « The Magnificent Frog

  1. Fabulous

    amazing how a pint fixes everything.. hurrah have fun. x

  2. i was going to blog about snails….

  3. Fabulous

    Blog about snails pinky..

  4. i can’t blog about snails and sauce in the same day!

  5. F.A.B I may have had more than one and much fun was had by all.

    JellySnail, you should, but sauce without snails would be preferable.

  6. The sauce is there Mr Frog – right on my blog, but you haven’t spotted it yet!

  7. Not only did you not mock my Cherry Lambrini stylee hair, you also bought me drinks and gave me huggles. You did, however, mock me for being short, even in my fab Japanese Schoolgirl shoes 😉

  8. Very true and I told everyone that you cry all the time.

    I’m a mean old man. Can you ever forgive me?

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