The story of the Agelast and the Cachinnator

The people who I work with are very strange.

Two of the cast in this little soap opera are total opposites.

The Agelast is actually incapable of smiling or of taking anything as a joke.  I know that sometimes we all get like that a little when we’re in a grump but the Agelast takes this to extremes.  I’ve actually seen him huff when he was told that he could leave early. 

The Cachinnator, as you would expect, is his complete opposite.  She laughs constantly at everything even (or perhaps because) when she doesn’t understand what she is laughing at.  As a consequence of her insane giggling she often stops people in their steps so that they can stare at her in disbelief.  She is also prone to going off in odd directions during conversations.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  I’ve been known to ride a horse called Tangent from time to time.  Not all the time you understand but just for a change.

The Agelast and the Cachinnator could do with a change. Maybe a full mind swap like you sometimes see in the movies.  Although seeing the two of them talk to one another is an amazing experience.

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