Christmas do menu

All food served to the tables

Kings Arthur’s Broth

(Served in cauldrons)

A hearty Mutton broth served with crusty cobs


Baked loin of Pig with Honey and Cider Apples

Many Hens well roasted

Plump sausages of Beef with Sage and whole baby Onions

Rosemary roasted Potatoes

Wholesome roots of vegetables

Sprouts with Chestnuts


Plum pudding with fruits, berries and fresh Cream

Sounds good eh?  Unless you’re a vegetarian like me.  I think I’ll give it a miss.


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10 responses to “Christmas do menu

  1. You could eat the “wholesome roots of vegetables” and the “Rosemary roasted potatoes” (unless they were roasted in the juices of a woman called Rosemary rather than with a sprinkling of the ‘erb, in which case that would be cannibalism, which I suspect vegetarians also frown upon)…


  2. i’m SO HUNGRY i could eat a shoe

  3. Soupy, the bloody thing’s on a Saturday. I’d have to give up my free time (and nearly £40) to eat some spuds and parsnips when I could be wondering what to get the kids for Christmas instead.

    Cata, yes, our Chrimbo do has been booked for two months now. The venue option were discussed in February. That’s organisation for you. Tsk!

    Jellyface, don’t eat a shoe. Not only is leather bad for your breath but cake is much tastier. Eat the cake, eat the world.

  4. i don’t have cake – i don’t have anything. i want something

    i want a millies double chocolate cookie

  5. Poor Pinkus. Now would be a bad time to tell you that I’ve just slurped the biggest and fruitiest ice cream in the whole world wouldn’t it?

    I may have to do a little burp.

  6. I can tell you it’s ruff for veggies over here in China. Our office veggie basically eats boiled rice, dofu and cabbage, while we tuck in to the full 25 page menu, from sweet sour pigs tripe to chilli fish heads. Yum. But you’d do well in the street markets – I just got a big load of brown mushrooms for, umm, 12p?

  7. He or she must be a pleasure to share on office with *parp* cabbage eh?

    What sort of mushrooms?

  8. The Middle Ages would have been a bit rough for veggies, admittedly.

    I had to laugh at the Hairy Bikers once in Vietnam, where they thought they’d ordered duck and found they’d been given dog – keep in mind their geordie pronunciation making no sense in SE Asia, no wonder the mixup.

  9. Duck or dog ‘livia I can see no difference. ‘cept the number of legs and wings of course.

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