I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like

Actually I haven’t got it yet but I’ve seen the perfect bike to buy for me but first I shall tell you a story from ancient times when hoverFrog was a humble child, still growing into his legs:

I had my first ‘proper’ bike when I was six years old.  I mean it was a proper bike because it didn’t have stabilisers and the frame was just a bit too big for me.  It was also red.  It was my New Red Bike.

I learnt to ride it properly round the car park behind the place where we lived near the Shirley Shopping Centre….I suppose it would have been the Shirley Shopping Centre Car Park.  Anyway I’d cycle round like only a manic little kid can cycle.  Sometimes I’d crash and cut my knee, hands, elbow or head but I’d always get back on and manically cycle about all over again.  I’d gloat to my little brother about how good I was on my bike because he was an irritating little pipsqueak (as all little brothers are) who still trundled about on my old handmedown tricycle.  It was my bike and it was the best.

The year after I got my New Red Bike we got an Alsatian puppy who we called Griff after the place we lived and that became the focus of my life.  New Red Bike was always there for me though and we’d still go out to play as often as we could.

Another year passed and we moved to Aldershot.  New Red Bike got put in a storage crate and by the time it’d been unpacked it had shrunk because I was suddenly too big for it.  I was a bit sad but had a new place to explore and did what all kids do and got over it. 

I had other bikes in due course but they were never red or as good as New Red Bike.  The bike I had in reading was black and was the fastest bike in the world, even faster than your bike was.  It could go uphill, down dale and cross country and never needed the tires pumped up unless I decided I was going to take it apart and put it back together again.  Sometimes I did this blindfolded just to show off to girls.  Girls are much better than bikes and I really don’t know why it took so long for me to work that out.

Now a bike is a mode of transport, a device to get me from point A to point B, it is no longer my friend as it once was.  However, I am still excited to tell you that I have found a New Red Bike (but bigger) in the bike shop for a reasonable price.  A New Red Bike.

Soon it will be all mine.


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9 responses to “I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like

  1. My first real bike – with removable stabilisers – was a metallic royal blue. And you’re a boy and you had red. Hm.

  2. By the way, my grandmother’s parents lived in Shirley when she was born.

  3. The best bikes were red.

    Would you believe that I’d forgotten that it was Shirley until I looked it up on map? My world as a child had a completely different focus.

  4. The best bikes were actually yellow.
    And mine also had a yellow banana seat, too.

    It was not in Shirley, though.

  5. Hollllllllllly are you sure it was a bike and not a banana?

  6. Fabulous

    *sniff* i never had a bike… ever. not even when i was small.. i never had one. My parents knew i was the arty one so bought me a camara. I remember having to take a picture of my two brothers and sister on Christmas day on there new shiney bikes..

  7. F.A.B are you saying that you’ve never ridden a bike? That you can’t ride a bike? It’s never too late to learn.

  8. Fabulous

    I can ride a bike as i used to steal my sisters but i never owned a bike. I feel deprived.

  9. So you should. You have my sympathy you poor dear.

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