I should be so lucky, lucky lucky, lucky, I should be so lucky…


Put your coffee down before reading any further.


On my way to work this morning a bird shat on my head.

I had to go home to wash my hair which made me late for work.

Other than providing my fellow bloggers (and The Sleepy Hildy) some amusement I can see no benefit.  Getting crapped on is supposed to bring good luck isn’t it?  Not so far.

Another bit of superstitious nonsense debunked.


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18 responses to “I should be so lucky, lucky lucky, lucky, I should be so lucky…

  1. hahahahahahahahaha :o)
    If it makes you feel any better I have just had to put my duvet cover back in the washer.
    Bloody Magpie! I never saw him do it but I just know he’s the culprit.

  2. LOL I feel better already!

  3. You should have let it be rather than washing, then maybe it would have brought you some goodluck 🙂

  4. Snowdrop, it doesn’t but I’m glad it made you laugh anyway.

    Soupy, glad to be of service.

    V, no. I was a poo poo head and it needed washing. I swear the bloody bird was a vulture…or maybe an albatross.

  5. [nelsonfromthesimpsons] Ha! Ha! [/nelsonfromthesimpsons]

    I only got shat on once by a bird, I was a mere child yet it was still very traumatising.

  6. Bolk.. imagine what was in that bird poo.. half-digested worms, beetles.. bleughhhh!

    I walked to the station last month, felt something plop onto my head from a nearby tree and thought it was a birdpoo. Couldn’t feel anything though, so carried on, thinking ‘that was strange’. When I got on the tube though, I felt a great big smily green caterpillar crawling down my neck – bleeee! Screaming loudly on the tube in London is not a good idea these days…

  7. LOL
    I got shat on once too. It smelled rancid.

    Had a near escape last year, where it missed my ear and found my shoulder. Wheew.

    My dad once got it in the eye as he looked up; now that’s not lucky at all.

  8. Rich, I’m sorry to bring up such painful memories for you.

    Pandy, yes bleughhh definitely…or something equally stinky. I’d have preferred a caterpillar or even a spider or scorpion.

    Libby, that doesn’t sound like a lucky escape. It just sounds like it could have been worse….like the incident with your dad.

  9. I have a phobia of birds flying around me .. I would have passed out and possibly died if it had happened to me!

  10. Venting is scared of birds as well. I think.

  11. Cat, birds are evil. I’m starting to collect evidence so that I can organise a cull of all things that fly.

    Soupy, it’s very common.

  12. I like Cataclismical’s bunny bum!

  13. Is that something you should be saying in public?

  14. mr frooooooooooooooooooooooooog



  15. Hehe, but bunny bums are cuuuuuute!

  16. Olivia .. I seriously doubt your sanity .. !

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