Every day at 12 o’clock Mrs Stressed in Finance reads the horoscopes out.

Not only do I find this interruption to my work irritating in the extreme but pandering to such superstitious nonsense really bugs me.  It really isn’t the case that Uranus is controlling me, no matter what you read on the walls of public toilets.

Anyway, I’m irritable today because I had to finish my TMA last night by 11 but didn’t have enough time to get those last 3 or 4 marks on the final question.  This has put me out of sorts as I have had plenty of time.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a lovely, calming day with plenty of good luck.  If the moon is shining on Uranus that may well be the case.


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14 responses to “Inconceivable!

  1. Fabulous

    what a load of nonsence they are. You might like to remind her that it is unlucky to read out your own. That way she might stop reading them.

  2. M

    I have a habit (which I’ve not done for a good while to-be-honest) of reading the previous days horrorscopes and seeing what I think. Usually, it’s a case of “well, that was a pretty general prediction and I guess I could attribute the following things to it – meaning – oh my giddy aunt! the whole thing is true!!!”

    (secretly, I’d like it if it was true… If only so it could say “Saturday’s lottery numbers are… d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6 with the bonus ball d7 (of course, rather than buying a ticket with all 6 numbers, I’d by a few hundred tickets with 3 numbers – the £10 being a guarentee whereas the £millions being split between however many people pick those numbers))

  3. i burnt my finger on my lunch

  4. sun is shining out or myanus!

  5. think I meant “of myanus”

  6. FAB, I could also point out that believing that it’s bad luck to read out a load of made up nonsense is just as bad…I suppose I could do it in the name of irony.

    Mas, if you roll a d1 you should get 1, a d2 is either 1 or 2 and so on. The odds of Mas Lottery are better than Lotto. The odds of getting three numbers are great.

    Pinky, poor Pinky’s pinky.

  7. Horoscopes are useless.
    Mine says I am going to have a very nice and fruitful day today. So far it is not true. Only 4 hours left for the day to get over. A miracle could happen, who knows?

  8. Vi, the one that Mrs Stressed screeched at me was all about finding love in an unusual place. Never mind that I’ve been happily ensconced with the same woman for 15 years or so and am therefore not looking for love anywhere else. It was just hot air blasted at me to make me lose my concentration.

    There will be no miracles today. The laws of physics will be followed.

    However, your horoscope recommends fruit so it is clearly superior to mine that only recommends looking through cupboards or under the sofa for a large box of lovin’.


  9. Hehe Mr. Frog, may be the lady was giving you a hint 😉

  10. *ponders*
    Seriously. NO!

    Although I am a stunningly attractive man in my prime….but, no.

  11. More to the point – TMAs, *everyone* does them right at the last minute and it’s Murphy’s ninth law that the more you think you’ve totally messed them up the more likely you are to get the best mark you’ve ever had without any clue as to why. 🙂

  12. Oink

    She sounds like just the kind of person one needs in an office. I’ll bet she’s a right barrel of larfs.

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