Alligator Spartacus

I made the mistake of googling Alligator Spartacus.

Apparently their is a company called Spartacus who make Alligator style nipple clamps.

The very idea of nipple clamps makes me cringe in sympathetic pain.

I know now that it is a bad idea to search for random words on t’Internet.  I have learnt my lesson.


I challenge you to add a single random word to “Spartacus” and report back on your findings.  Yes you. *points*

Yes, I really am that bored.


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6 responses to “Alligator Spartacus

  1. I may be bored later – watch this space

  2. Chippy

    Haha… admit it froggy, you knew the website and bought some…..

  3. I put in “The Farm” and got one of the worst albums in my CD collection as it only has 2 songs worth hearing; Groovy Train and Altogether Now. Now many people know they were put together by Pop Svegali ‘Suggs’ a good decade before the Cowell started doing the same shit for more money.

  4. Moochy, I shall watch with baited breathe…unless that would be mixing metaphors.

    Chippy, no! I shall never admit it…although they are extra comfy under my work shirt.

    Tom, I wondered what Suggs was doing these days.

  5. M

    Spartacus Florentine – pulls back a page on “Jane Addams” – a lady who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.

  6. There were many interesting web pages under the search of spartacus including a blog in politics in Iraq, a music record label. There is also a book on Amazon called Spatacus – the international gay guide!!

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