Time slip

Somehow I convinced myself that today was Friday.

I was looking forward to the weekend and now I’ve got three more days of work.  Three whole days.

My disappointment is almost tangible.  It’s like the Star Wars prequels all over again.


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10 responses to “Time slip

  1. Chippy

    Happens to me on a regular basis, I forget what day it is, forget the cats name, might even forget my own name one of these days !!

  2. Hehehe, how anyone remembers what day it is is beyond me. What if the whole world were to lose track all at the same time. We’d have to make it up! Friday all the way!

  3. Nothing is as disappointing as the Star Wars prequels in my opinion.

  4. Chippy, forgetfulness comes with age. I think it’s so that we forget all those embarrassing things that we did in our youth…..or can at least claim to.

    Sonrisa, that would be fun I think….although there may be some arguments and possibly wars.

    Rich, that’s true, we should have known after Return of the Jedi though.

  5. Actually such was my disappointment with the first prequel I didn’t bother to watch the other two.

  6. I was hoping that it would improve. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

  7. M

    I actually liked the prequels… well… except the first one… no.. no… I kinda like that one too – and, damn-it, I’m not going to be ashamed…

    That said, I’ll get me coat.
    (oh. And today IS Friday)

  8. M

    (hmm.. it just told me I sent the server a message it didn’t understand… now the machines are rebelling against me !!! )

  9. Finally Friday. Only three days too late.

  10. ooh–I disliked the prequels, too! what was George Lucas thinking? i fell asleep during the first one. granted I’d been on a long flight from L.A. to Melbourne, but still…I like to blame it on the movie.

    And I don’t remember Chewy’s tongue looking like that either…

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