Do not work on your TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) until late at night.  It leaves you tired but unable to sleep.

Today’s message was brought to you by the letters H and F and the number 3.

I’m going to try sleeping again.  Good night all.


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4 responses to “Urgh…

  1. ditto job applications… I forgot how tiring and stressful they are…

  2. I do not miss having to do TMA’s at all. How long until you’re done with them?

  3. La belle dame du potage bleu, job applications are probably worse to be fair.

    L’homme le plus riche au monde, about a thousand years it seems. I’ve got enough points to get a degree now but I made the mistake of wanting a particular named degree so 180 points are put aside for my next degree. I’ve got 120 more points of this one left then 180 points of the next one. Then I’ll do a MSc or an MA. That is unless I just say sod it and change it to an unnamed degree which I can walk away with now.

  4. TMAs weren’t too bad for late nights chez Singing Librarian, it was the OU MA dissertation that caused the real problems. The whole thing would just parade through my head. It doesn’t help that my PC is in my bedroom, so I could, really, just switch it back on and start working if I had an idea at 3am. Ugh.

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