It is wrong to laugh at this.

I just read this on the beeb’s news site.

Firstly some of the most beautiful women in the world are ginger and Snarly’s best mate, Lol, is as flame haired as they come so don’t you go accusing me of any evilness. 


I am simply trying to point out how hard life is for those poor individuals afflicted with the recessive gene that colours their hair that shade of red. 😉

Anyway, I think I like the joke names that they put in this article the most.  Sharon Jaffa is my favourite.

 The side bar on mythology also made me snigger out loud.


Redheads sacrificed in ancient Egypt

Associated with witches and vampires in Europe

Reputed to bleed more

Mary Magdalene, Adam, Judas and even Jesus depicted as redheads

My absolute favourite in the whole article though is this little gem:

“it’s unclear whose responsibility it is to monitor discrimination.


‘It is certainly not us,’ says the Commission for Racial Equality.”

More important information on the effect that being ginger can have on you can be found here.

Anyone who laughed at the poor ginger people should now hang your head in shame.  Yes, I mean you.  You wicked, wicked person.


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6 responses to “It is wrong to laugh at this.

  1. M

    Ah, red (ho ho) that a while back; and I agree with you Mr Frog, that there are a fair number of attrative flame-haired people out there; both of the natural and artifically enhanced varieties. But like everything else, for each person that wears it well, there’s another that looks out of place.

    Is it offensive if I offer my ginger nuts around the office on tea breaks?

  2. I suppose it depends on if you take them out of the packet first.

  3. They do smell of piss and biscuits though!

  4. Is gingerism as bad as racism? Nope, but it IS funnier…

  5. Slytherin Head Girl - redhead

    Oh wow, thanks for posting this. I am going to link to it on my own blog – and thanks for the little mention there 😉

    The sad thing is, just today, I finally decided to try a different har colour. After YEARS (17) of being a natural redhead and many (8) of dying it various different shades of red/braiding it/dreading it, I have just dyed it black and PURPLE. If I had read this first, I might not have done it – since I have a MUTATED gene I should be proud of it! How cool is that? I love red hair, on boys and girls! Hurrah!!

  6. TP, stop buying your biscuits in Iceland if they smell like that..

    Boogerloo, funnier than racism? Well I suppose quite a lot of things are funnier than racism.

    Chloe, you gorgeous black and purple haired beauty you, you do read my blog every now and then. Hurrah!

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