For my geeky chums

function roll4d6(){
   d1=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   d2=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   d3=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   d4=Math.floor (6*Math.random() + 1);
   if ((d4<=d3)&(d4<=d2)&(d4<=d1)){
      return d1 + d2 + d3;
   else if ((d3<=d4)&(d3<=d2)&(d3<=d1))
      return d1 + d2 + d4;
   else if ((d2<=d4)&(d2<=d2)&(d2<=d1))
      return d1 + d3 + d4;
      return d2 + d3 + d4;


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12 responses to “For my geeky chums

  1. No, no, no Soupy m’dear. The best three out of four rolls of a six sided dice to generate a random number betwen 3 and 18 skewed to slightly higher values.

    You are obviously not geeky enough to understand.

    Not that I love you any less for it.

  2. M

    I assume you’re rolling up for ad&d or something similar 🙂

    You powergamer you 🙂

  3. I was also going to say 42, but clearly I am a lot slower than the soup meister.

  4. La dame du potage is as speedy as a speedy thing on speed.

  5. Mas, you’d been spam filtered. I do hope that it wasn’t too painful. Yes, you are quite correct. You rate highly on the geekiness scale.

  6. M

    I think it’s because I tried to link in an image of the Magic card “Timmy the powergamer” which always used to remind us all of our mate Dave who was very much a roleplayer-by-numbers…

    So… are you a stats man or do you play the roles?


  7. For my crimes Mas I typically end up as DM where I have been known to fudge the dice if it adds to the drama.

  8. M

    actually, that’s good DM-ing. Nobody likes to roll up a really good character only to have them decapitated by an over-eager drawf fumbling their “axe juggling” skill 🙂

    Good DM-ing (and role-playing) IMHO is all about using the game to entertain everyone; some of the dullest ones I’ve played have had players scribbling numbers and making calculations as to what the best statistics to employ in some task is…. and some of the best have had inventive applications of rules – in part rewarding the creativity and imagination of players.

  9. Over eager drawfs are the bane of my life.

  10. M

    You and Snow White both

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