Back to Basics

I’ve just finished downloading a whole set of albums from t’Internet.  Included in these are a dozen of Billy Bragg’s albums from the late 80s and early 90s. 

Now I’m sitting at home in my dressing gown surrounded by mortgage and insurance forms, I’ve packed the kids off to school, The Hildy is out at work and I’m listening to music from my teens when life just seemed to be so much simpler.   I was a different person then and sometimes I find myself missing the old me.  If I didn’t have such a wonderful life it might be more often.

When the zombies attack I’m taking my 80s music collection with me into my underground bunker and not a damn one of you can say anything to change my mind.


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9 responses to “Back to Basics

  1. But Billy Bragg sucks!

  2. Fabulous

    haha you sound like an old man in your dressing gown doing the bills.. hehe

  3. If I could choose just one era of music to take with me to my underground bunker it would also be 80’s, but focussing more on some classic new wave I think.

    Having said that, I’m sat here listening to Neil Young, so it appears I aged considerably last night during my sleep.

  4. M

    I love working at home – although, I tend to be sans dressing grown… and most clothes if I’m honest – thankfully I’ve no need for video conferencing…

    As to music… yeah, I’d hope to have my music with me; although most of my youth was spent listening to the songs of the 50s,60s and 70s – so I might just choose to bring the things I listen to now with me – which is a fair mix, although I have to admit… there is a fair bit of 70s/80s in there…

    Of course, the question of format comes into it – a couple of ipods and you’ve a huge amount of music – but what if something happens and wipes out computers – heck – wipes out cd-players and anything that relies on little chips to make things work?

    We’d be left to raid old record stores and looking for wind-up gramaphone record players…

    …I think I’d definately take my guitar, as many song/chord books as I could find and huge amounts of extra guitar strings (which, also would be useful for garrotting any rogue zombies that found their way into the bunker…)


  5. TP, pah! You have no taste.

    FAB, I feel it as well.

    Rich, The Hildy likes the new wave stuff but I shake my head and turn up the Black Sabbath when she does this. Neil Young has been going since before I was born so you must have aged a lot overnight. Having said that I know that my iPod has a Nat King Cole album on it.

  6. Mas, come the zombie invasion I’m going back to scratchy records being played on a hand cranked gramophone. Assuming I can find an antique shop somewhere.

  7. Ahhhhh the 80’s *goes all wistful*, a damn fine era of naff pastels, stupidly large shoulder pads, good music and cute boys wearing lipstick. I remember it with fondness :o)

  8. Diva, you’ve picked on all the embarrassing stuff. What about the invention of the mobile phone brick, personal computers with less processing power than a modern digital watch and, of course, the Sinclair C5.

    OK, the 80s were certainly…um…iconic.

  9. Jason

    Lol, the 80’s; remember those “Global Hypercolour” T-Shirts, and wandering around with odd fluorescent socks?

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