Law Enforcement

I saw my first smoker flouting the new “No Smoking” law this morning.

I didn’t get a picture so this will have to do.  The law breaker was on the train station platform chuffing away like a chimney while the staff were busy pretending that he was invisible and odourless.  There was the typical space around him that you find with stinky villains.  It was like everyone knew that he was a baddun.  I briefly considered making a citizen’s arrest but thought that he might fall into the train tracks in the struggle.  Plus my train was just about to leave.

I hope that soon we will see more police on our streets to combat this evil tidal wave of ne’er do wells.  If this doesn’t happen then I fear that, before long, we’ll have bands of roving vigilantes taking the law into their own hands.  I’m pretty sure that they’ll start stringing them up in the park as a warning to others.  I can’t allow this to happen.  They’d smell even worse.

Next time I’ll say something.

With righteousness and the law on my side I cannot fail.


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9 responses to “Law Enforcement

  1. If she is the smoking police, I may well take up that filthy habit just to get arrested. Is that terribly wrong?

  2. Yes Pete, it is terribly wrong. You should hang your head in shame.
    *wags finger*
    *shakes head*

  3. Oh, my guilt.
    *looks at picture again*
    such guilt
    *and again*
    will it ever leave…

    …where did I put the regals?

  4. I also saw someone having a sneaky smoke on the platform this morning, he was trying to not be obvious – so consequently was very obvious.

    Apparently, because I have an office at home I should have appropriate signage displayed to tell people they cannot smoke. In blatent disregard to that rule, I may sit there tonight and smoke a cigar whilst sticking two fingers up at useless bureaucracy. I may therefore be some time.

  5. As a sort of sad aside the labour government have created more than 300 new laws since coming to power that are either not enforced or are not enforceable.

  6. Fabulous

    tut tut

  7. I felt exactly the same way Fab.

  8. I gave up smoking ages and ages ago, but this ridiculous law makes me want to start again. I have no idea where our live and let live ethos has got to… I still prefer smokers to non smokers. Except for the smell, non smokers smell much lovelier. Where is the platform? Isn’t it in the open air anyway?
    I’m confused.

  9. M

    On the few times I’ve smoked places like platforms, I’ve usually headed off to one end, away from the non-smokers – and the platforms are usually quite long so as to not danger anyone with my second-hand smoke.

    ooh.. coincidence… my music (on random) has happened on the “Travel Agent” sketch by Monty Python – with “Mr Smokestoomuch” (better cut down a bit then)

    I’m surprised the pavement doesn’t have “no smoking” signs on it – it is the workplace of street cleaners, charity workers, builders and other workmen – and by the “no smoking in the workplace” logic applied other places should mean that you can’t smoke in the street; and Rich – that is naughty – we could have you arrested for that!!

    The law is an ass

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