Daily Archives: 4 July 2007

Law Enforcement

I saw my first smoker flouting the new “No Smoking” law this morning.

I didn’t get a picture so this will have to do.  The law breaker was on the train station platform chuffing away like a chimney while the staff were busy pretending that he was invisible and odourless.  There was the typical space around him that you find with stinky villains.  It was like everyone knew that he was a baddun.  I briefly considered making a citizen’s arrest but thought that he might fall into the train tracks in the struggle.  Plus my train was just about to leave.

I hope that soon we will see more police on our streets to combat this evil tidal wave of ne’er do wells.  If this doesn’t happen then I fear that, before long, we’ll have bands of roving vigilantes taking the law into their own hands.  I’m pretty sure that they’ll start stringing them up in the park as a warning to others.  I can’t allow this to happen.  They’d smell even worse.

Next time I’ll say something.

With righteousness and the law on my side I cannot fail.


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