I’m a mean old man

My job today seems to be to be really mean to people who annoy me.  As I am generally annoyed by everyone I come into contact with I’m being mean to everyone.

Except you lot.  You lot never say anything stupid.

You’re the greatest. *thumbs up*


Filed under Bad things happen, Shitbiscuits

6 responses to “I’m a mean old man

  1. Aww, you’re such a soppy git, Mr frog 🙂

  2. Pah! You’re just saying that.

  3. M

    The difference between us and them is that _we_ know when we say something stupid; often it’s deliberate – either to prove a point or provide some light relief from the talks on the failings of our social economic structures, religions or those who shouldn’t be allowed kiddywinks let alone tiddlywinks

    greatest? Sometimes we’re grater than that
    like with cheese
    or carrots


  4. I need that picture for my bedroom door.

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