My Ruin

Bugger it all.  My evening out with the beautiful Chloe is in tatters as I’m being dragged off by my hair to visit a client.  I’m only there to look pretty and make the occassional clever sounding comment about XML or Domino.

No blogging from the client’s office either.

I really wanted to give my friend a hug too.


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3 responses to “My Ruin

  1. M

    You should have Chloe tag along. I don’t mean to offend you Mr Frog, but she does a much better job of looking pretty.

    XML – extra Medium Large – for those in denial about their size
    Domino – wasn’t she a vigilante in the old x-men books ?

    Mas – I’m not sure everything would like being buggered.. or has the requisite… um… orifices

  2. Fabulous

    ooh *hugs*. Hey is that Dominos pizza.? yay if it is.. All i want is pizza now.. Piiiiiiza

  3. Jason

    Mr Frog, I think you just overtook me in the Geekiness stakes! Quoting things like that on your blog!

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