My iPod is full

What should I remove in order to add all the Pixies albums that I’ve just finished downloading?

What should I download next?


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12 responses to “My iPod is full

  1. M

    You mean that bittorrent is now demanding organ donations to satisfy the recording industry of North America? I’d go for a kidney.


  2. A kidney? I was thinking of a chunk of my liver. Livers regenerate don’t they?

  3. hmmmm

    take off the Spice Girls

  4. You know I couldn’t live without my daily fix of zigga zig ahh.

  5. good point, i’m not sure i could either.

  6. I suppose I could stop listening to Abba?

  7. M

    Liver’s do regenerate… but not like how they do in Dr Who; you’re not going to cut a chunk off and have Eccleston or Tennant regenerating within your abdomin.

    You have the spice girls on your ipod? You could take them off but their limited output would hardly free up anything in the way of the space you need…

    …maybe you should get another ipod – then designate them

    Crapod and Goodpod…

    …although I can’t imagine you’ve that much for the Crapod – so maybe a nano or shuffle will suffice – plus, they’re small and easily lost. Bye bye embarrassing music collection


  8. (You know who I am) I don’t really have the Spice Girls on my iPod. Honest.

    *embarrassed silence*

    I have a 4gb nano and I’ve filled the bloody thing up with nothing but the best music that I could sponge off t’Internet for nothing. 1003
    classy songs of the highest quality.

    If I get another iPod then the tadpoles will steal my old one and really will listen to the Spice Girls. You try teaching them abotu music but will they listen….?

  9. Not “abotu”…about. I meant about.

  10. you should give me some tips – i have 560 odd songs on mine and i find myself skipping most of them 😦 i’m not too hot with my music i don’t think

    the trouble is, i like it a bit cheesy pop or glam rocky…. you know something that you can really dance and sing to!

  11. M

    I have escaped the ipod so far (although I do have a couple of 1Gb SD cards combined with my pocket PC that does the same sort of job) I tend to group music together – and stuff I don’t listen to is given a chance before being sent to the recycle bin. So I typically end up with a lot of albums I like on there that I can listen to without hitting any buttons.
    (I also tend to encode them at radio quality, mono, because I can’t tell the difference meaning I get 1,368 songs in around 920Mb ; the crappy speakers I insist on using meaning most other things are a waste)

    Anyway, Mr Frog, I think we’ve had this talk before about the kiddywinks and music. It is natural for them to play music we hate – part of the rebelling process. They don’t actually like the music, but they know you hate it… the way around it is to pretend you love things like the spice girls and then they’re forced to play the bands you actually love in rebellian 🙂 Reverse psychology. Makes my head hurt every time.

    PJB – if you skip it all the time, you should remove it. Eventually you’ll end up with the songs you really enjoy and none of the rubbish


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