The Hildy works with vulnerable people.  They’re vulnerable because they are so bloody stupid that they really should be prevented from passing on their stupid genes to the next generation.  I’m not even joking about that.

A recent example is a woman who has a couple of kids who don’t go to school.  They don’t go to school because their single mother can’t be bothered to get out of bed and take them to school or she may possibly just be hung over.  Either was she doesn’t get them to school and then she shouts at them for making a mess or for waking her up.  She generally just a bit rubbish.  OK, a lot rubbish.

She recently saw an advert of a dating website* that she was very interested in.  It read a bit like this:

Mature man seeks young lady for fun.  Especially interested in women with school age children.

My (and maybe your) interpretation of this after the initial “ew that’s a bit strange” reaction is:

Sick pervert seeks naive slapper for sex.  Also wants to groom children for paedophile ring.

At the very least any mention of children on a sex exchange dating website would raise alarm bells with most people.  I’d hope so anyway…maybe I’m just jaded.

Another example is the 18 year old son of one of The Hildy’s clients who sold his younger 11 year old brother to his abuser who took them both to Amsterdam for a week.  The parents were surprised when social services** became involved because “it was nice for him to have a holiday”.

A slightly better example is the brother and sister who have no friends at school because they smell and they have no social skills.  The older sister knows that they have no friends and has started self harming for attention while the younger brother interacts with other children by screaming at them and punching them.  They have an 11% and 8% school attendance record.  The teachers prefer it when they aren’t there to disrupt classes.  They smell because they’ve never been taught to wash, probably because no one ever taught their parents.

Germaine Greer once advocated sterilising all male children at birth.  The operation would be reversed only when they could pass a test proving their suitability for parenthood and an appropriate level of responsibility.  Until quite recently I’ve always disagreed with this (admittedly unworkable) plan but the more The Hildy tells me about the sort of people who she gets to try to help the more I lean towards it being a good idea.

*All poor people can afford a whizzy new computer thanks to Bright House.  They also have mahoosive High Definition teleboxes and snazzy sound systems…..at least for a few months until they get repo’ed.  Then they just do it all over again.

**Social services only deal with one in four cased in my local area raised because they don’t have the manpower to deal with the other three.  The Hildy says that it is only luck that they so far haven’t had a headline grabbing child murder than social services did nothing about.


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  1. (you know who)

    The first example; the single mum…it reminds me, unfortunately, about my sister who is in a similar boat. She’s a single mum, 4 kids, and there are times (I’ve been told when on the phone with my parents, who give her a huge amount of support and help) of similar tales of the kids not being taken to school; or her being asleep and the kids left to their own devices.
    In our case, there are excuses. My sister has “mental health” related issues; heck, our whole family have issues that way. She’s been dealing with depression and attention seeking issues (such as self-harming) since her teenage years. She’s suspected bi-polar and doesn’t always make the best choice in boyfriends. But saying that, I’m not refering to anything like the second example. She is a difficult person to be with – it isn’t easy living with someone with mental health issues; so while she isn’t answering dodgy dating adverts, the people she picks see her as “a normal person” – which she is, a lot of the time, until her issues show through and destroy whatever relationship she had.

    I would say that I’d have the same reaction to you about that date-site advert; of course, it could be innocent. It could be someone inept at writing adverts trying to say that they love children (in an innocent way) and that they would not be put off by a single mum with them; they could also be saying “I’m after despirate women with low-self esteem; knowing that single mums often do have difficulty dating and wanting to take advantage of that fact.
    But, that said. The worry that they might be indicating the reason you cite.. that would stop me from even going there; even giving them the chance.

    I think the danger of the sterilization of boys… I think the danger is that (while I have limited medical knowledge and may be wrong with my understanding) is that part of the development of boys to men requires the production of testosterone; this is what causes hair growth, deeper voices, sexual drives and agressive tendancies… If sterilization doesn’t remove the sexual drives, then even though the men may well be shooting blanks, they will not be stopped from attempting intercourse with … well… whoever, whatever they are drawn to sexually. If boys aren’t given testosterone, then they may never develope into men.
    If we say, and can prove that certain sexual trends are things we’re born with; if we know that a certain combination of genes produce certain sorts of sexual drives… then maybe we could do something about it. However, if it is more than genetics, if it is a product of social conditioning – then it is a harder thing to change. Socially, does it mean that we’re responsible for the sexualisation of our own children? I think that there is a degree of blame that can be attributed there. A few years ago, looking through the children’s clothing section of a local supermarket – I was horrified seeing tops for 4 year olds with slogans such as “Juicy cherry” and other sexually orientated phrasing; plus the seemingly “baby hooker” style of clothing that was being pushed – and this wasn’t a dodgy backwater store, this was an ASDA in a large city.
    If we are dressing our children in a sexual manner, then people will notice. But I’m digressing, and, recently it looks like childrens fashion has dropped into more “kiddy” styles – maybe someone took notice? Maybe it’s cyclic.
    But I think the moral issue of male sterilization is one of “it wouldn’t work”. … but when I read things like you write Hoverfrog… It becomes a tempting solution.

  2. Your sister has my sympathy but I have to ask myself where the father of her children are? and why they aren’t being given the best options available to them? I obviously don’t know her and she may be doing her best and providing a good home with the support that she needs. In which case, great.

    The steralization idea of Germaine Greer was part of a much larger argument that went along the line of “men crap, women alright” and kind of hinted subtly that women would be better off without emotionally stunted males getting in the way all the time. As a chap I tend to frown upon such sentiments somewhat but I’m thinking now that the species doesn’t really have that much going for it. We’re a distinctly C+ could do better grade of species.

  3. Germaine Greer is a twat. This is proven by the fact that she thinks all women are great – they’re not, they’re just as bad. Some people in general don’t deserve to be parents. That’s where Social Services (hopefully) come in. Surely more could be done to get crap people up to speed, or to take children away if they can’t be made to be? I come from a perspective of having watched my sister screw with her children’s heads for the past few years while Social Services have done too little to focus on the stability that the children need in their new environments. There’s too much about the parents’ rights and not enough about children’s needs. I know that resources are stretched, but I also think that more should be done. Has the Hildy thought about writing a blog? I’m sure it would be very interesting.

    I also think it’s a shame that we seem to live in a world where the parents of those two children couldn’t be forgiven for not assuming the worst. I’d never let it happen in their position, though. I also didn’t read anything into that dating ad until you pointed it out, but I would hope that I’d have the sense to properly protect my children in any circumstance.

  4. Mrs P social services are so ineffectual as to be almost totally worthless. They can’t be relied on to do anything. They’re as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

    I’ve tried convincing The Hildy to write a blog but she’s a bit scared of technology. She thinks it might bite her. As she is lovely and capable of retaining a wonderful and magnificent lover for over fifteen years (me) then she must be interesting. I’m sure that all of Blogland would immediately fall in love with her and throw virtual rose petals at her feet in supplication. Probably.

    The parents can be forgiven for being naive but only up to a point. There are certain responsibilities that you take on as a parent and one of them is to look after your children and protect them from harm. If the ad didn’t raise suspicions then I’d hope that meeting him and checking out a bit about his background would. I know I haven’t dated for a while but it is still normal practice to arrange for a panel of interviews, blood tests and full disclosure of sexual history under polygraph isn’t it? 😉

    Maybe that was just for people who started dating in the 80s.

  5. That’s all fine if you add ‘police check’ to the list – and perhaps ‘psychological testing’.

  6. A police check isn’t that much use as it checks the name and the address. Move house recently and you come up clean….apparently.

  7. That’s bum. I ran police checks for several months recently – applicants have to provide 6 years of address history. The only people who aren’t going to come up as easily are people who lived abroad for most of that time. Apparently those kinds of checks aren’t done.

  8. OK but you can’t go getting a police check without letting the person know can you?

  9. No, but obviously I/you/we are right catches so they’d agree to anything. or you could try comandeering their post and forging their signature…

  10. This is why we could never get together. 😉

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