Food of the Gods

Cheese is the greatest and best food in the world.

It saddens me that Snarly prefers the milder cheese that slices easily rather than the must stronger and crumblier mature cheddar that I like.

Edam is not real cheese.  Well it is, but it shouldn’t be.


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10 responses to “Food of the Gods

  1. mmmmmmm… cheeeeeeeeeese

  2. You cannot beat a piece of very smelly stilton.

  3. Fabulous

    ahhhh i now hate you. I love cheese the real smelly stuff. But that is all soft cheese and its something i am struggling to live without at the moment. ughhhhhh
    Hate hate hate

  4. Sad Sack of Soup, easy tiger.

    Rich, mmm stilton…or even a crumbly cheshire cheese.

    FAB, he he, you love me really. You’ll be able to munch on stinky cheese again in…what…A YEAR! 18 months at the most.

  5. Fabulous

    Yeah thanks for that. I am allowed mozz so thats good. Cant do without Pizza without Mozz. I have had a bit of goats cheese on pizza too as my midwid=fe said that i could. mmmm

  6. Can you still sprinkle cheese on your pasta? Pasta shoudl only be eaten with cheese.

  7. M

    Pah, the best thing is a ripe brie melting over hot baked potatoes… Mmmmmmm. That said, you surely can’t make claims for it being “food of the gods” if you’re an atheist can you? Isn’t that a conflict of interests or something? But anyway, I’m rambling.
    Cheese is good.

  8. Mas, “Food of the Gods” is part of popular language. I feel no less at ease with using it than I would the phrase “walks on water” when referring to Trevor Brooking.

    mmm brie.

  9. M

    “popular language” – now there’s a concept; if you hear the language I hear most of the time, “food of the gods” is barely creeping into the top 100… although maybe that’s more to do with where I hang out more than anything…

    Just stirring up trouble; any excuse; don’t mind brie.. I mean me..

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