Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.

Some people should not be allowed to use telephones.

I’ve just had a call from an utter twonk to reschedule a meeting and rather than pause between comments he kept muttering “do de do de doo”.  What’s that about?

Also The Boss has sent round a shittygram to all staff.  Apparently someone has been stealing bog rolls.  Yeah, that’s right.  Now if I were going to rob my work place I’d steal something worth having.  To risk your job for the sake of some arse paper is just about the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day.

It is only 9:15 though.

Finally, the walk to work this morning was plagued with nutters.  I saw mumblers, drunken stumblers, vacant grinners and even a soap box preacher in the 20 minutes it took to walk from the train station to the office.

It must be a full moon.


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16 responses to “Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.

  1. M

    full moon or fool moon?
    do de dooby do do

  2. twonk. What a great word!

  3. Both I think Mas.

    Soupy Souper, I like it. It’s nearly as good a word as shitbiscuits.

    Jellyface, grrrr!

  4. M

    Hey – no growling at pjb Mr Frog… well… unless she likes it… and why aren’t you growling at me? Do I scare you? do de dooby do de dooby do wah wah munchausen munchausen splendid jenkins wah dooby boom bow wow.

    Twonk sounds like the noise you get when you hit an idiot over the head with a metal spoon.


  5. M

    Oh – and loo roll; it sounds like a “needs” thing. Like the hungry man without food who steals a single loaf of bread; obviously someone has something they need to deal with… but not the resource to clean up things afterwards… unless they’ve taken the roll that was meant to keep bums wiped for the entire year – which I could see as an issue; ‘specially if it was that nice stuff that feels like you’re wiping your bum on a quilt or kitten.

    do de do de dah wah

  6. Mas, grrr! “Twonk”
    I think that it’s more like the sound of a ruler striking a skull. A definite schoolboy sound.

    One loo roll would be a need thing but not a whole pack of 48. Unless the thief had a very dodgy tummy. Perhaps they simply sought to deprive everyone else of the aforementioned bottom cleaner. We had to use kittens and rabbits to wipe our behinds and we all know how vicious they can be.

    Fortunately the need for student decorations bypassed me at work so I barely noticed its absence.

  7. Venting

    Sometimes I have to sit at the Reception desk and I get all sorts of lovely people to talk to. Like those who don’t know what to say once you’ve answered the phone. Sort of like:

    “Good morning,

  8. Venting

    ack – my comment died!

  9. Sioned

    Have I mentioned how fabulous you are? Just thought I would let you know.

  10. Venting, oh no. Dead comments.

    Michelle. Really? Why’s that? *looks paranoid*

  11. M

    Thank you dooby-do now I feel part of the “growled at gang” I can leave with a smile on my face. As to the toiletries theif… Hmm… toilet trees… like “dead like me” … um dooby um … yes, the toilet thief – that must be one heck of a dodgy stomach – or – a cold I guess; seeing people around the offices here with loo rolls on their desks and the symptoms of various viral coldy things.
    But 48… a pack of 48!? Hmm.. Reminds me of the old condom joke.


  12. Old condom joke? They don’t age well you know. I carried one around throughout my teens and they lose their elasticity dontchaknow.

  13. M

    Old condom joke: Three guys go to the chemist and buy condoms. The first is a teenager who gets a pack of three for tonight. The next is a recently married guy, just back from the honeymoon; he gets a pack of 7 – one for each day of the week he says. The third guy has been married for sometime. He gets a pack of 12… the other guys look at him with wonder so he explains “1 for January, 1 for February, 1 for March…..”

  14. Sioned

    Because I said so! Now take the compliment darn it!

  15. Mas, ahh yes. I remember. It is old isn’t it….

    Lovely Michelle, my wish is your command. I am fabulous but for no apparent reason.

    You too funny face.

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