Zombie shelter

Is it me or does WordPress seem unnaturally slow at the moment?

Anyway, I’m planning on building my own zombie shelter at le château de grenouille in case of a zombie attack.  I think it’s only right that I have somewhere to retreat to when the undead start wandering the streets looking for brains to devour.

When they do will you be prepared?

What will you eat, who will you take with you, which board game will you have under your arm as you run for the steel reinforced, subterrainean refuge?  Who will survive to usher in the new era when the zombies have left? 

If you don’t start planning now it may be too late and you could be zombie food.

We don’t want that to happen now, do we?


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11 responses to “Zombie shelter

  1. M

    If Zombies start munching … we’re all pretty much fucked you know; I mean, if it’s just a short term thing… that’s not to bad, but if it’s a sign of the future where zombies are everywhere… well… what sort of existance can we manage holed up away from natural resources, light, life…?
    When I was younger I always thought about building a nuclear bunker in my parents’ back garden… It would have been so cool; even if it was a far distance down…

  2. that picture is really really creepy

  3. Fabulous

    Pinky i am with you. I was scared

  4. Where the devil are you? x

  5. Oh won’t you come over to Vox? There are tons of ex-20sixers there.

  6. Mas, better a life underground than zombie food.

    Jellyface, I thought it was cute.

    Fab, still cute.

    Soupy, here I am. *points*

    Mrs Piggermann, I’ve been there but I don’t know where anyone is. Plus there are Vox bullies who push you and take your lunch money.

  7. Look at my blog on the right hand side and read who my neighbours are. Even Norah’s there!

  8. I tried to but Vox made my ‘puter crash. It’s also really bright and the colours hurt my eyes. Oh OK if you miss me that much I’ll give it a go.

  9. You’re in IT – just reboot!

  10. Of course. Rebooting always works. How foolish of me not to realise.

  11. shanice....u no me...

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U FREEKKKKKKKKKK
    Shanice XX

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