There’s this thing I’m doing for the kids at the moment.  A foodie thing.

Essentially I am trying to show the kids that there is more to the palate than burgers or sandwiches.  Quite how they’ve fallen into this escapes me but I suspect that I am at least partially to blame.

For the past five weeks I’ve cooked a Sunday meal from a different country of origin. 

Last week we ate Foo Yung, Egg Fried Rice, Stir Fried mixed vegetables and mushroom chow mein.  The week before we ate something vaguely Italian that I threw together.  We’ve had a traditional Sunday roast (sans dead animal) and a home made vegetable curry.

This week the kids want to try Japanese food.  I’m stumped though.  Other than buying some sushi from Waitrose for them to try I haven’t a clue what they can eat.  I’d prefer something vegetarian so The Hildy and I can eat it but I really don’t know much about Japanese cuisine.

Help me.  Please.


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4 responses to “Foodie

  1. How about yakitori – grilled chicken skewers – for the kids, with teriyaki sauce from Waitrose; also okonomiyaki – a yummy hot savoury pancake, and udon noodle soup with veggies and optional meat. Maybe ask at the fish monger if he has sashimi-grade tuna or salmon (basically it has to have been deep-frozen to kill the bugs) – worth a try but steer clear of the supermarket sushi which will be slimy and gross! Good luck, I hope it goes down well.

  2. All recipes available on web.

  3. cha0tic

    You could make Veggie California Rolls. Do a google for How to make Sushi. It’ll tell you how to do all the rolling & stuff. I use a sheet of tin foil for the rolling, rather than buying one of those mats that I’d only use once in a blue moon. For fillings, try cooked carrot, Cucumber, Asparagus, Fried Mushrooms, or anything else you can think of. Once you’ve got the knack of rolling you can add just about anything you can think of. If you can’t get the seaweed sheets locally I can get them here & pop some in the post.

    It’s kind of fun as well, you can get the kids involved. Real Blue Peter style food 🙂

  4. cha0tic

    Oh yeah & get some Wasabi paste & watch steam come out of the kids ears 🙂 Mwahahahaha.

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