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I stole this from Jen Dziura. You can read her reason for this question on her blog. I am too lazy to repeat them. It is a matter of interest to me as I’m hoping to move soon into a vast mansion where every door has gold knobs.

However I am interested in your responses to her blog poll: How many hours per month do you have to work to pay your rent\mortgage? (For example, if you make £80,000 a year and pay £2,000 a month, that’s about £38/hour, so you work about 53 hours to pay your rent. If you work a £10/hr job and pay £450, you work 45 hours to pay your rent, which makes you, in a way, a little bit richer).

So please answer this in the comments: How many hours do you work to pay your rent, and what city do you live in?

You may choose to be anonymous of course but I’m nosey so please don’t.

Mine was 47.


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