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hoverFrog’s Law of TMA Apathy

Here’s the thing about my continuous study with the Open University:

I cannot do any work on a unit, other than the first one, until I have received the grade for the last TMA.

For a complete explanation of the high jinks involved with working on and submitting a TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) read AnotherBlogger.

I submitted TMA02 on the 24th May.  Clearly there is no reason in the world for my tutor not to download it, mark it, make comments on it and submit it back to me by now.  Just because I’m one of twenty students he has on this course, just because he may be running other courses, just because it’s the weekend. 

I’m being unfair, I know, but I am totally unable to open the next unit and start my reading until I’ve got the mark back.

Or is it just an excuse to spend a few days sitting round doing nothing?

Gah! I’m so lazy.  At this rate I’ll never finish.


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