Oh bum! (in bullet points)

  • The government has delayed the introduction of the home information pack. 
  • My firm has invested heavily in one part of the pack, have set up an office and employed people to administer the production of the reports. 
  • The little Big Boss is now convinced that the HIP project will be cancelled.
  • As a result two people had to be “let go” yesterday.
  • This has left me surprisingly sad.  I mean they were both good people and have not done anything to warrant losing their jobs.
  • I’m getting an obscenely huge bonus at the end of the month.
  • This leaves me riddles with guilt.
  • I agreed to sell my house to someone but they decided that they don’t want it anymore.  This is the second time that this has happened.
  • The kids are bickering like crazy at the moment.
  • It’s too hot.

On the positive side

  • I finished my TMA and submitted it on time.  I don’t think I’ll reach the dizzying heights of 96% like I got in the last one though even though all my C++ functions worked perfectly.
  • I’m bunking off work early because I’ve had enough for one day.


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5 responses to “Oh bum! (in bullet points)

  1. flightbuff

    Have a good, and relaxing, weekend!

  2. Sioned

    I understand how you feel. Wish we could go for a drink, but, no drinking for me as R is on a trip and I am alone with A. *sigh*

  3. How can a bonus be Obscene ? 🙂

  4. I always hated doing my TMA’s. They were a labour of love for a while, then they just became a labour. What course are you doing?

  5. Flighty, it was sort of relaxing….if you find children bickering relaxing that is.

    Michelle, oh beautious Michelle, I’ll just drink alone then. *sulk*

    Your Royal Negritoness, King Negrito, it is larger than my average monthly wage. There is something wrong with a bonus that is greater than the amount I normally get paid. It feels like I haven’t done anything to deserve it, even though I have.

    Rich, MT262 Putting computer systems to work. It’s all C++ programming which is OK.

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