Beet that

I’m having beetroot salad for lunch.

I’m wearing a white shirt.

Hopefully I’ll manage to eat it all without any mishaps.  It’s this kind of wild living that gets me a reputation for mayhem dontchaknow.


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11 responses to “Beet that

  1. i ate baked beans… i have white trousers on

    no mishaps! hurrah

  2. Just throw your lunch over your shirt, then anytime someone looks just look at them and go “Yeah! Want some, do ya?!” Salad psycho – it’s got a ring to it.

  3. M

    I usually eat cheese and beetroot sandwiches for lunch.
    To date, no mishaps.

    And I’m a messy eater (hence the diminishing amount of mess around these parts)

  4. Fabulous

    Beetroot is so good for you. I went through a stage of having it in smoothies. But then i went off it very quickly. lol

  5. Live on the edge Mr Frog!

  6. Fabulous

    Hey you. Have asked the boy about Heroes and this is what you have to do ( i will pass you on to him) –
    hi its the boy
    download and install the program choose basic/novice setting
    search for “heroes s01e01” (s=series e=episode)
    find the download with the most seeds and click on the filename
    click “download this torrent” then click open NOT save
    this opens up azureus
    chose a location to download the file too and click ok
    and wait for it to download over hte next few hours!

  7. Fabulous

    we wrote you a very big comment on heroes last night but it didnt show up so will try again later. x

  8. Thank you Shiny F.A.B. It was caught up in my spam filter between “in sewer rants” and “Lesbian Drug Monkeys Party with Ninjas”

  9. Fabulous

    oh hooray it is there. I dont think that the boy wanted to write it all out again.
    Hum stange place to be stuck between.

  10. So, did you make a big huge mess?

    I walked round on Friday morning with my jean flies open for a good couple of hours until I realised.

  11. Nope, I was as tidy as could be. I’m exceedingly proud of myself.

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