South West Trains

Text conversation ‘twixt me and The Hildy.

Me: Where is my train?  It’s 15 minutes late but the display still says it’s on time.  Have I got a magic time travel train?  That would be cool but not likely with SW trains.

The Hildy: Remember the train from The Polar Express.  Any minute now it will arrive and take you off to the North Pole to see Santa.

Me: Wow! Really?  That’s great.

Me (again): Oh bugger, it’s a shitty SW Trains train coming into the station.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow I’ll have a magic train.

The Hildy: Tomorrow u will have a magic train.  It’s important to keep your dreams alive.

Sometimes I think that The Hildy is the only person in the world who really understands me.  I’m looking forward to seeing Santa tomorrow as well.

If not then I’ll just go to Brighton instead.  There are plenty of worse places to visit.


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25 responses to “South West Trains

  1. M

    we have magic trains here to; (officially a train isn’t late until 3 to 5 mins past its departure time here depending on the company)

    I have had invisible trains before where they announce “the train on platform 2 is…” and there not being anything obvious there… maybe the same technology as wonderwoman’s invisble jet…


  2. Sioned

    Hey! I TOTALLY get you! *cries*

  3. hehehe sounds like the conversations me and The Boy have! 🙂 awww

  4. Mas, are you actually suggesting that Wonder Woman is moonlighting as a train driver? It would explain a few things. I mean she can’t drive a train if she’s off fightning nazis or saving the world from the evil that men do. I haven’t heard the theme song though. I’m sure I’d remember someone singing
    “In your satin tights,
    Fighting for your rights
    And the old Red, White and Blue”
    from the train cabin.

    Michelle, I love you too, you quirky lady from Canada.

    Pinkus Maximus, I read a few of your conversations on your blog. I’ve had to stop though because they make me blush. Dancing in the kitchen no less. Tsk!

    *wanders back to work singing*

    “Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
    All the world’s waiting for you,
    and the power you possess.

    In your satin tights,
    Fighting for your rights
    And the old Red, White and Blue.

    Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
    Now the world is ready for you,
    and the wonders you can do.

    Make a hawk a dove,
    Stop a war with love,
    Make a liar tell the truth.

    Wonder Woman,
    Get us out from under, Wonder Woman.
    All our hopes are pinned on you.
    And the magic that you do.

    Stop a bullet cold,
    Make the Axis fall,
    Change their minds, and change the world.

    Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.
    You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman.”

  5. Don’t get me started on SWT… heheh

    And there are plenty of worse places to visit. Like Woking. x

  6. What’s wrong with Bedhampton? It’s better than Hilsea.

  7. I agree with that. And Gosport.

  8. There’s no train station at Gosport. Aha, trying to catch me out were you? But I was too clever for you wasn’t I? Oh yes.

    Although if it did have a train station it would be the worst train station in the world…after Hilsea.

  9. M

    I’m thinking the rail service would be a much more interesting place were Wonderwoman in charge of it…
    …and I’m feeling strangely compelled to purchase the dvd box-sets of the old TV series…
    What power you have Mr Frog 🙂
    Bluesoup: Mertha’s tit Phil?

  10. That’s not the real reason Mas, not that I blame you. Linda Carter is hot.

  11. M

    Unless you tie me up with your truth lasso I confess to nothing Mr Frog… 🙂
    Although it is taken as a given that she was quite hot in and out of costume in the series – this being the days before invisible planes were fitted with air conditioning units…


  12. Sadly I’ve left my lasso of truth in my other trousers so I’ll have to take your word for it. Linda was always hot in that costume because she had to run around a lot and fight the forces of evil. Fighting the forces of evil is rather warming.

  13. M

    Indeed it is Mr Frog; but I doubt you could fry an egg on the heat it generates…

    …and I wonder i that happens with super heroes when they change costumes… Does Batman go “it’s just in my utility belt… hmm.. the belt was on the old costume… well… now we’re pretty screwed…and I don’t mean in the enjoyable good sense Robin… there’s no way we can defuse the Joker’s bomb and remove the spinach from our teeth…”


  14. M

    (wonder i… wonder if – who stole my ‘f’ (or did I leave it in my other trousers?)

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