Calming down

Let’s take it as given that that estate agents are evil and move on.

In an effort to dislodge this bad mood I’ve been living under for the last few weeks I decided to try an alternate approach.  Clearly brooding in anger at the perceived inadequacies of those charged with selling my house on my behalf was doing nothing for my good mood. 

So this morning I went for a run.

It was fantastic.  As I’m sure the people who had to resuscitate me would agree.

How is it that 15 years of not exercising can strip me of my physical fitness so completely?  I’m obviously going to have to exercise regularly from now on.


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15 responses to “Calming down

  1. Sioned

    YAY! I would so run with you if that big ole body of water were not in the way!

  2. Michelle, you lovely running type lady you, that’s just an excuse. Here in the future we run early in the mornings. If you ran late in the evening then we might actually be running at the same time just in different places. So you can run with me, we just couldn’t talk. Not that I can do much in the way of talking when I run at the moment. It’s more gasping than talking.

  3. Don’t you mean frantic gasping and spluttering? 🙂

  4. Oh, you’ve seen me in full stride then?

  5. You need rats to run around after. I was looking at The Girls this morning while I brushed my teeth, and they were in their hammockbut soooo excited to see me that they were all standy uppy and trying to climb out of the closed door and their ears were all up and their noses all wiggly and like “me me me me me !!! Take me out to play!! Aww, please Mummy we want to run all over the place and make you late for work!” And I was really sad because their future with me still hangs in the balance 😦

  6. Running? Oh no, Mr Frog. Running is *evil* and *bad* and not for the likes of frogs. There are much better forms of exercise to be had …

  7. Soupy, running after rats is great exercise. The lads used to play a great game at cage cleaning out time. They would escape from the little cage, run around herding the kids and then entice the cat into the room with a game of “I know you can see me you stupid cat”. This would be my cue to try to round them up. Oh what fun we used to have.

    Floaty, you mean hopping don’t you?

  8. I was actually thinking of dancing, but hopping works too.

  9. Are you still waltzing everywhere?

  10. Sioned

    Maybe one of these days we will get over there (to stay and live and stuff), and then I can get everyone we know off and running. I am a great motivator. Honest. :o)

  11. Stop scaring me Michelle. I’ve now got this mental image of you chasing everyone with cattle prods and making them run through muddy fields in the wind and rain. If that’s your thing then you should definitely come to Blighty to stay. There really is a shortage of good PE teachers over here.

  12. Sioned

    How did you know that is what I do? Are you stalking me? Sometimes I even make people do pushups and work with a medicine ball. I draw the line at dodgeball though.

  13. I doubt if many people in England have actually seen a medicine ball. That would imply some sort of investment in our education system. You’ll have to bring your own and show people how it works and where to plug it in.

    Dodgeball is one of those American peculiarities isn’t it? Or is it Canadian as well? Anything involving hurling an object at another person would have been stamped on long ago by our politically correct nanny state. I’m afraid we get cricket in the summer and cross country in the winter and very little else.

    Do you see now how much we really need you. Please come to England and save us.

  14. I’ve moved on to Tango these days, with an occasional lapse into Bossa Nova.

  15. I thought it took two to tango?

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