I have a project that absolutely must be completed by 1st June.

Anybody know anything about integrating web services with Lotus Domino using XML?


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14 responses to “Shitbiscuits

  1. Yeah: I know I can’t do it…

  2. M

    I know it looks impressive if it says you’ve done it on your CV.

    But… no… I don’t know anything about it. Can’t imagine it’s anything too hard – we’re talking XML here ….


  3. shitbiscuits is a super word!

  4. i have a newsletter to get out for the middle of June – including getting it printed (about a week) so say the first week in June….and i’m away for a week at the end of May

    it’s just EVIL

  5. You need four poodles, six lion cubs, some hemlock and a small pixie. Chop all the ingredients together and then brown the meat in a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan. Add some cumin, mild curry powder and one litre of chicken stock and leave it to cook on a very low heat for at least three hours. Oh wait, or is that how to cook psycho curry….I get so confused with webservices….it’s all in the WDSL…

  6. I’m going to try and use the word shitbiscuits in my meeting today. I’ll report back later.

  7. Did Rich manage to use the word shitbiscuits?

  8. I did, during a meeting, whilst biting into some soggy chocolate digestives I said “Have we got any more of bikkies only these ones are shit biscuits”.

    Actually I didn’t. I just stuffed all available bikkies in my mouth before anyone else could snaffle them so I couldn’t say anything….

  9. I did and got two very confused looks as a result. 🙂

  10. I was having a conversation about some network hosting I am ordering and it had become reasonably technical. I was stressing the urgency of these guys to deliver what they were telling me they could and I said, “If it doesn’t happen by [insert date] then all you are going to do is create a big storm of shitbiscuits for me and [insert my customers name here].

  11. A storm of shitbiscuits sounds really unpleasant.

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