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My purpose in life

Answer me these questions three

It seems that being the “IT guy” in a company of complete numpties actually grants me magical abilities to answer any question on any subject no matter how mundane.

For example I have successfully answered the following questions today:

  • How do I know it the text I have copied has been copied?
  • How does someone drown in a swimming pool?
  • Is Scientology a religion or a cult?
  • Where are the biscuits?
  • How the hell has Jade Goody got pregnant again?
  • The computer says it needs to shut down.  What should I do?
  • Was the Pope in the Hitler youth?

There are others but these stick in my mind.

Why not jump on the bandwagon and ask me a question?  Go ahead.  It’s the only reason I exist.


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I have a project that absolutely must be completed by 1st June.

Anybody know anything about integrating web services with Lotus Domino using XML?


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