I seem to be getting a few spam comments.

I now face a monumental decision:

  1. Just delete it as I find it.  This is what I’ve been doing but it does expose me to the terrible language that spammers typically use.  I don’t mean expletives although these do make me blush.  I mean the mangling of the English language that these vile fiends tend to employ.
  2. Ignore it in the hope that they will tire of my blog and depart to harass some other poor soul adrift in the sea of blogs.  I don’t want to ignore it because spammers must be discouraged.
  3. Enforce the use of a wordpress’ special magic “You must be logged in to comment” magic shield of magic.  This naturally excludes lots of lovely people who travel from all over the known universe just to comment on my blog.  Seriously there are thousands of them out there waiting to leave a comment.  All I need to do is write an entry worthy of their comments.

So, option 1, 2, 3 or a hitherto undisclosed option 4?


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11 responses to “Spam-tastic

  1. Amylou

    Do you not have a spam stopper already in place though?!

  2. I do. It’s the Akismet one that comes with this lovely blog.

  3. Amylou

    So why do you need any further spam preventing actions?

  4. You do number 3 and I can’t comment. Which means you’ll miss out on literally three insightful comments a month. Could you live with that? You can? Oh, okay, fair dos…

  5. My name is Prince Abdullah Farquar Connman

    I have great weallth to share with you thew my late fathers great misfortune in his belloved country of Nigeria. When his head fell off he left an inheritance of 11p which I am ready to share with you in this unique buzines oportinti…

  6. Booger, if I remove your three comments a month that leaves me with *frantic sounds of pencil scratching* only three comment a month. I can’t afford to halve my readership like that. What will the sponsors say?

    Rich, I mean Prince Abdullah, how much money should I send you so that you can release the funds of 11p? Once released I will, of course, journey to Nigeria where your relatives can rob me at gun point and sell my organs into slavery.

  7. I usually go for 1 but 3 is a good one.

  8. Katja

    Option 1. I may have a wordpress blog, but I can never be bothered to sign in to it.

  9. Moochy, 3 is lazier…

    Katja, oh the irony of you actually being signed in to leave that comment.

  10. M

    I think you should pick option 4.
    It is always the previously undisclosed plan that reaps the most results…

    At least…

    in the movies it does.

  11. Mas, you are a genius. Now all that I need do is to determine what the hitherto undiscovered plan might be. I may just spy on myself as I discuss it with my cohorts.

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