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I’ve left my work shoes at one of the offices and need to get some more before Tuesday because we have clients visiting and they don’t seem to appreciate seeing me in my socks.  I have therefore spend the last two hours *ahem, working from home remember* shopping for new shoes. 

My method is very straightforward when it comes to shoe shopping.  I march directly up to the counter, glare at the spotty twelve year old with the name badge and say in a loud and clear voice: “Please bring me all your size twelve shoes so that I may select an appropriate pair”.  I have found that this method is better than selecting a pair of shoes and being told that they don’t have them in my size.

I have other criteria:

  • I don’t want leather in my footwear;
  • I don’t want heels, honestly I’m 6’4″ and don’t need to be any taller;
  • I want laces and not slip on shoes, I’m all growed up now and I’ve been tying my own laces for over thirty years.

For some reason my search for new shoes has proven unsuccessful.  I don’t understand it. 

The Hildy tells me that some people actually enjoy shoe shopping.

How I could look in heels

I really don’t want heels.


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Working from home

Here I sit, resting comfortably in my armchair, a cup of tea at my side, feet up, laptop burning my knackers and I think of all you hard working bloggers out there. 

Why am I working from home on this gloriously sunny day I  hear you cry?  The answer is simple.  Snarly’s school has an occasional day (a day off for the teachers to sit about drinking gin and gossip or possibly to absorb the latest diktat from Central Government, who knows?) and The Hildy arranged for me to care for the sweet little child while she went to work.  Unfortunately she forgot that she’d asked me (I blame her age) and took the day off herself.  Silly sausage!  So, she’s taken Snarly and her friend Lauren swimming while I knuckle down to some hard graft.  Ha.

I may get dressed in an hour or so, I’m not sure.

Actually I think I’ll go out for a pub lunch as soon as I get dressed.  I don’t want to strain myself now do I?

Anyway the question of the day on my other blog is: Should I go to Reading next Saturday or not?  What do you think?


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