The forbidden topics of blogging are religion and politics.

I’m atheist, mildly to screaming left wing and completely disillusioned with the main political parties.  I shall be voting Green today.  Mainly because change should start on a local level, from the bottom up, in order to be embraced by people and the Greens look at local issues rather than power.  Local issues like transport, energy, fair working conditions, education and food.

Plus the candidate lives round the corner from me and he’s very sincere about his views.

He won’t win though.  The Tory candidate will win.  He always does by a massive amount but that’s not the point.  The point of voting is to be heard, to make my opinion count among the sea of other opinions.  If you don’t vote then you can’t be heard and you’ve no right to complain if your representative does something that you don’t like.  Even spoiling your paper is a better option than ignoring the vote.

Anyway, I’m voting today.  What about you?



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15 responses to “Vote

  1. Fabulous

    My mum texted me and asked if i was going to vote. I thought that it was strange as i didnt know anything about it. Obviously i dont exsist when it comes to the world of voting. But if i was allowed i dont know if i would. Dont you think that all the voting is fixed anyway?. Do you really think that we have freedom of speech?

  2. I normally spoil my ballot, however I haven’t had a voting card through since moving, so I won’t even get to do that!
    As far as your vote goes: Ninjas. Hands down.

  3. Fabulous

    oh Pirates win….. duh think POTC… yay…… jonny and orlando.. mmmm

  4. Hmmm. Johnny Depp is coolness personified, but if Orlando Bloom was a ninja I’d probably vote pirate out of spite. Pirates are cooler, but ninjas are way more badass. So, still ninjas!

  5. flightbuff

    Well said as voting is important. I always have even to the extent of spoiling my ballot paper!
    I won’t be voting today though as there are no elections being held in the London Boroughs.
    Fabulous you really should get yourself on the electoral roll and vote. It does count and can make a difference. Not doing so could mean that one day we may end up really regreting those who are elected and are in power.

  6. F.A.B you should make a fuss about it. As long as your own the electoral roll then your entitled to vote. I don’t think it’s fixed but I do think people tend to always vote the same way. As for freedom of speech: No, we don’t have it. There are too many restrictions placed on us by our representatives. Some have logical reasons like racial or homophobic speach being curtailed but others are just to make the life of those in power easier.

    Boogaloo, it sounds like you need a radical candidate to stir things up a bit.

  7. Flighty, oh I see, London Boroughs are special are they? Just because it’s the capital, tsk! 😉

    I think that voting is the most important thing you can do as a citizen. I’d love to see it made compulsory.

  8. M

    I decided to spoil my ballot this time around, so bought it some cream cakes, a couple of playstation games and a years subscription to national geographic.

    On reflection, it didn’t need so much spoiling; so I ate the cakes, played the games and kept the subscription myself; and as for the ballot… having a postal vote my decision was cast back on Sunday.

    I always vote for the party I see as the most honest, truthful, and likely to do what they say… which has always been the libs’ ; the only party that I remember who have ever said “yes, we will improve everything; but it’s going to mean higher taxes” unlike the others who always say “we will improve everything, and lower taxes”

    I’m not the greatest mathematician in the world, but I could never understand how you could increase the funding of something by reducing the pool of finance that was to be distributed to it.

    To me it’s like saying to the kids “I’m going to give you less pocket money from now on, but allow you to spend it on more things”


  9. Mas, that is very organised of you. I agree with the lying about taxes thing. Politicians are nearly as lying a bunch of liars as estate agents. The libs have ben very discrete where I live….I’m not even sure if they have a candidate.

  10. slowlorris

    i will be voting, i feel very obliged to as my great great aunt was a suffragette. Here in gateshead its conservative (no way), Labour (no thanks tony), BNP (WtF) of lib dem. So lib dem it will be.

  11. I like your method Lor, a simple process of elimination.

  12. I cant be arsed this time. I have no idea who to vote for. They all seem to have ok ideas about stuff but nothing that urges me to say ‘yes I’ll vote for you’. If anything I’d go green.
    Plus I’m registered to vote in Bristol but as I dont live there most of the time it’s silly really. I should be registered for local elections in plymouth because it applies to me more.

  13. I always enjoy voting, there is something democratic about marking the paper with your x. I thought about getting a postal vote, but it seems lately that you can’t trust your postal vote to be counted, so I opted for the traditional method with a pint afterwards to aid my reflections. 🙂

  14. Moochy, boo to you for being lazy.

    I think a pint is essential for voting.

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