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The forbidden topics of blogging are religion and politics.

I’m atheist, mildly to screaming left wing and completely disillusioned with the main political parties.  I shall be voting Green today.  Mainly because change should start on a local level, from the bottom up, in order to be embraced by people and the Greens look at local issues rather than power.  Local issues like transport, energy, fair working conditions, education and food.

Plus the candidate lives round the corner from me and he’s very sincere about his views.

He won’t win though.  The Tory candidate will win.  He always does by a massive amount but that’s not the point.  The point of voting is to be heard, to make my opinion count among the sea of other opinions.  If you don’t vote then you can’t be heard and you’ve no right to complain if your representative does something that you don’t like.  Even spoiling your paper is a better option than ignoring the vote.

Anyway, I’m voting today.  What about you?



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