Who ate all the pies?

I started my healthy eating regime yesterday in an effort to lose some of the extra weight that cake and lack of exercise have provisioned me with.  Last year I left off the eating of bread for a month and lost half a stone so I’ve decided that this is an effective method to promote weight loss.It’s not so much the eating of bread that makes me such a chunkster but the constant grabbing of a quick snack (usually a cheese sarnie) between meals or while I’m cooking something. I also tend to buy a hedgehog loaf on my way to work on a Monday and sit at my desk just eating it. You see how no bread can stop my snacking here.

To stave off the gnawing hunger that already threatens to consume me I have purchased a sack of fine vegetables and fruit to munch upon. I have celery, carrots, apples, grapes, strawberries and mangoes to dine on and my main meal of the day will be a potato… With plenty of cheese.

The best way to eat celery is by dipping it in marmite.

Man, I’m hungry.


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12 responses to “Who ate all the pies?

  1. Jason

    Best of luck Mr Frog!
    Lots of fruit is a good way to loose weight, but it does tend to have… consequences!

  2. I’m trying to think of a response to that but nothing’s coming. I expect I’ll have a sudden rush shortly.

  3. Amylou

    Didn’t you start this diet about a year ago whilst on P27 still?

    Best steer clear of too much fruit as they’ve natural sugars in them which will turn into fat if it’s not worked off.

  4. Loopster, I had a month of no bread back on P27 (which I’ve never left). I don’t believe in diets because they only ever work in the short term. Short term would be good at the moment though.

    Natural sugars sound better for me that unnatural sugars though. I don’t like the sound of anything unnatural entering my body.

  5. you should try brown pasta too! 🙂 it’s nice and so much better than white

    veg and fish. oh yes. a rainbow of fruit and veg will keep you healthy

  6. Amylou

    Sugars sugar though lovey and it’ll still turn into fat if you don’t burn it off.

  7. Face of Pink, I have a tale to tell regarding the consumption of rice and pasta from my days as a poor person. It’s not very interesting as it boils down to living off these and very little else for far too long. Consequently I can barely stomach the stuff now unless I cover them in something delicious like cheese.

    Also no fish for me as I haven’t eaten anything from the animal kingdom for over 15 years now. Apart from stuff that comes from them like milk and eggs.

  8. Dammit Amy! Are you saying that I’ll need to exercise as well as eat the right foods?

  9. right so your a nuts kind of guy 😉 mmmm quorn stir fry with sugar snap peas and soy sauce….

    i see though, my ex was the same with hoummus from being a vegan for years and never eating anything else!

  10. Amylou

    Pretty much yeah. You need to cut down as well as exercising unless you have an uber speedy metabolism.

  11. Jello, yum! stir fry.

    Ames, how can I tell how fast my metabolism is? Can I be fitted with a speedometer? Metaspeedometer?

  12. Amylou

    You have to be very lucky and born with them I think.

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