le château de grenouille et l’étang de grenouille

le château de grenouille

I may not have mentioned this but the couple who put an offer in on my house withdrew it.  Anyway it’s back on the market.

A couple went round to see it this morning to view it.  They have put in an offer…


…for £16k below the asking price…


Obviously I said no.  I was going to laugh and then say no but it really wasn’t amusing.

l'étang de grenouille


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10 responses to “le château de grenouille et l’étang de grenouille

  1. Amylou

    Yay but boo.

  2. £16k below?

    I once offered a builder £40k below his asking price on a penthouse appartment he needed to sell pretty quick. So I told him he could leave it unfinished (no kitchen or bathroom installed) and he got the right arse with me. After that he refused to sell it to me point blank because he said I’d insulted him!

  3. Lou, quite!

    Rich, I understand the principle of haggling and assumed that this was merely the first low offer but he’s not made a counter offer to my flat refusal. Not even “Oh all right I’ll give you eleven”. He won’t haggle! If I had a large and intimidating friend called Burt then I’d seek his assitance….but I don’t.

  4. Fabulous

    wow how cant they offer such a low amount. That is just rude.

  5. Yes! “Rude” was what I thought. Then I thought “Haggle”

  6. slowlorris

    house buying is a living nightmare…i’m sure someone will offer a sensible amount soon.

  7. ‘face, indeed!

    Lorris, I really hope so. I don’t like this one bit.

  8. House selling / buying is the most stressfull thing you can ever go through. Have you had your place on the market for long?

  9. It’s only been on the market for a few weeks. I hear of people who try to sell their houses for months or even years. These are the sort of people who sit in clock tower with with sniper rifles shooting estate agents. The problem is that estate agents look just like human beings…you can’t tell the difference just by looking at them. Some terrible tragedies have occurred because of this.

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