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le château de grenouille et l’étang de grenouille

le château de grenouille

I may not have mentioned this but the couple who put an offer in on my house withdrew it.  Anyway it’s back on the market.

A couple went round to see it this morning to view it.  They have put in an offer…


…for £16k below the asking price…


Obviously I said no.  I was going to laugh and then say no but it really wasn’t amusing.

l'étang de grenouille


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Who ate all the pies?

I started my healthy eating regime yesterday in an effort to lose some of the extra weight that cake and lack of exercise have provisioned me with.  Last year I left off the eating of bread for a month and lost half a stone so I’ve decided that this is an effective method to promote weight loss.It’s not so much the eating of bread that makes me such a chunkster but the constant grabbing of a quick snack (usually a cheese sarnie) between meals or while I’m cooking something. I also tend to buy a hedgehog loaf on my way to work on a Monday and sit at my desk just eating it. You see how no bread can stop my snacking here.

To stave off the gnawing hunger that already threatens to consume me I have purchased a sack of fine vegetables and fruit to munch upon. I have celery, carrots, apples, grapes, strawberries and mangoes to dine on and my main meal of the day will be a potato… With plenty of cheese.

The best way to eat celery is by dipping it in marmite.

Man, I’m hungry.


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