Middle Finger

On Sunday I made a trip to the bottle bank to dispose of the refuse of our monthly drinking binges.  I emptied the 40 or 50 sacks of bottles into the proper coloured storage boxes with lots of resounding crashes and much satisfactory shattering. 

Then I noticed that some lazy git had left several bags of bottles near the bins.  In need of a little more rage management I decided to favour this hapless member of the public by putting the bottles in the right coloured bins.  Little did I suspect that the insidious stranger had booby trapped the bags by leaving broken glass in them.  Halfway down the second bag I discovered this for myself as I plunged my left hand eagerly in to grab another bottle.

Luckily my ninja like reflexes saved me from total digit amputation and I escaped with only minor lacerations to my middle finger.  It’s my favourite finger as well. 


If you look carefully at that picture you see a favourite WordPresser on her old 20Six blog.  You might need to squint though.


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9 responses to “Middle Finger

  1. Sioned

    R has been known to say, “No deed goes unpunished”. His reason for that is: when he once helped out a white trash neighbour of ours when her car was stuck in the snow, he managed to break his finger. He pushed the car, it shifted, she gunned it, and his hand slipped off the trunk and it snapped. Hard. I heard it and I was NOT standing hear him. Your injury reminds me of that. No good deed goes unpunished.

  2. Jason

    Glad you retained all of your digits Mr Frog!
    As for the old blog? I think the colours give it away! 🙂

  3. eeeeeeeee!!!! i remember that picture 🙂

  4. Michelle, you glamourpuss you, helping people in the snow is a bad idea. He should have been making snowmen, snow angels, tobogoning, and having snow fights. Snow is the reason why Canada doesn’t rule the world. Also I’ve never broken a bone in my entire life. I have bones of the strongest steel I do.

    Slayer of the purple people eater, they do a bit. That’s what makes her special.

    Pinkface, eeek! It’s you! Not still flaking are you?

  5. It’s me!!! wooooo. But i do know there are other colours in the world, they’re just not as good… gold comes a close second though

    flaking 😦 but not as bad

  6. Jason

    You can just about make out the name of the blog too.. but Pinky.. PINKY… you’re synonomous with the word Pink now! 🙂

  7. there was no mention of pink in my old blog… it just was pink… i’m sure people evpect me to be pink when they meet me!

  8. WibbleWobbleWibbleWobbyPinkJellyOnTheTop, you are very right about the pinkness on your old, old, old blog or rather the lack of it. Maybe it’s because you come across as pink and fluffy in your personality and not sharp and pointy at all.

  9. i’m so gald i’m not sharp and pointy!!! i think i’m a bit pink and fluffy in person too…. well my brain is at least

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