Someone has put in an offer on my house.

It is for £5000 less than the asking price.

Should I accept or not?

Factors involved:

  • The offer is sufficient to allow me to place a hefty deposit on le château de grenouille and to clear all of my credit cards.
  • The buyers are first time buyers so there will be no chain at that end.
  • Apparently the current owners of le château de grenouille want a quick sale although I suspect that this is typical estate agent lying in order to get us to sell up quick so that they make money faster.
  • The current house (Étang de grenouille) has not been properly advertised yet as it doesn’t go into the papers until Wednesday.  I’m not sure what difference this will make though.
  • I’ve been very obnoxious since Thursday, even more than usual, those of you who spoke to me then know what I’m on about.  I’m very sorry and promise not to be so horrid in future.  I blame the stress and uncertainty of selling and buying a house (among other things) so selling up now may let me keep what few friends I have left.
  • I really want to move all my crap back in because I miss the clutter.

Well, what do you think?

In other news I’ve decided to support a general human cull.  There are too many and a lot of them are just in the way.


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25 responses to “Offer

  1. Sioned

    I will always be your friend, even when you are grumpy, and if I lived there, I would even come over and help you, the Hildy and the kids move. Because that’s what I is just the kind of person I am! :o) Let me know if you take the offer and buy the other house. Also, I will need your anew address as well.

  2. Neil

    I can’t tell you what to do; I think you already know what you want to do (which I suspect is sell sell sell) and you want us all to agree with your justifications. I think that you’re in a good position; if you want to go for it, do it. Of course, you still have all the rigmarole of surveys and all that malarky to go through so….
    One thing though about holding off; at least a few days, it’ll let you see if there is any more interest at the asking price, which there might be.

    Buying/selling our house is one of the most stressful things we ever do. Don’t worry about being a bit of a snappy ‘noxious frumpy grump; it’s to be expected. Once the stress has gone you’ll be back to your hoppy self.

  3. Does this mean I’ll get all my hugs now… please. (I need them today more than anyother day.)
    I say take it. If the other house has not been touted about yet then you are in a good position to get in before the masses, before they start changing their minds. People can get (understandably) greedy when house selling and £500.00 can make the difference.
    Leave the crap out!

  4. Michelle, you’re lovely. If everything goes through properly I should be moving within the month. I’ll let you know of course. When are you coming over for a visit to merry olde England?

    Mas, you’re getting good at this reading between the lines thing aren’t you? I really have been a snappy ‘noxious frumpy grump though. even more than normal.

    Tracey, I’ll come over with that hug right away but I really do miss having the crap in my house. I like clutter. It’s comfy.

  5. Sioned

    You know, if we had not unknowingly owed “Big Brother”, so much money after getting our taxes done, I would have said, this year…but with how much we owe.. I think it might be a bit before we can manage it.

  6. Bugger! Give BB a kick in the teeth for me.

  7. hmmm i think i’d go for it… becasue it’s chain free that makes it all the easier..but it depends if you think you can get a better offer once it’s on the market properly x

  8. Oooh, Pinkypoo I couldn’t do that. Once the offer is accepted I’d have to take it off the market. The idea of being gazumped makes me want to put my flippers round the gazumpers neck and squeeze until their eyeballs pop. So you see I could never do this to anyone else. It’d be nearly as wrong as the wrongest thing that you can think of. Really.

  9. Amylou

    Sell sell sell. Who needs an extra £5k?! As long as it’s enough for the new abode and to pay off credit cards it’s all good. Plus the whole process takes an age to go through usually.

    Human culling. Interesting..

    Mich I think you should visit alot sooner!

    Ooh and Froggy I found you via the channel that is P27! It works!

  10. Sioned

    Froggyman – Trust me, I would if I could!

    Amylou – Everyone needs to start a fund drive for me. Just put my photo on a tin and ask shop owners if you can leave it on their counter for people to give money. Tell them the truth – I am a Canadian stuck in the US and want to escape. I am sure people will hand money over when they hear that. What do you think?

  11. Amylou

    I think that’s the most genius idea ever! My housemate is an events organiser for a local charity so I’ll see if she can take some of these tins!

  12. Um, Amy an extra £5k would make me wealthy beyond belief. OK I exaggerate but it’s not loose change you know. The sellers of le le château de grenouille are buying a new build which means we have 28 days to complete once the sale is agreed. So no age. Uh uh. Less that a month really.
    Back to human culling. Seriously there are too many humans about.

    Michelle, how much do you need? I’d offer £5000 (about a bazillion American dollars I think) but sadly the buyers of Étang de grenouille won’t give me enough dosh.

  13. oh and human culling!!! yes please, if we can cull cute seals and things then the humans would be easy, after all, there are A LOT of arse holes in the world

    get rid of some of them and there would be room for more nice people!!

  14. Amylou

    But you said earlier that you’ve enough for the house and to pay off credit card debt so now I think you’re just being greedy.
    There are too many humans about..yes that is agreed. Who decides who gets culled though?

  15. What would my rats (if homeless) make of la chateau?

  16. Pink and shiny from her sunburn, I think 95% of the world’s population for a start. Some people think less, some think more. Where do you stand?

    Loopy, on the house front I agree that greed is definitely what I’m feeling. On the culling I think I should decide. Just because.

    Soup of finest blue, they would love it as long as they don’t mind inquisitive children reaching out to them at all hours to play with them. The main room is very cool (temperature wise because it still has some vile 70s decor) but not cold and they would get to live in their own giant size Rat Haus (town hall in German, obviously) and eat pizza and healthy grapes all day long till they got fat and had to run around and jump off the hammock to exercise.

    I hope that you get to keep them though because a rat should stay with it’s mummy.

  17. Amylou

    Why have you tagged me Loopy?Anyways…okay you can decide on the cull as i don’t *think* you would kill me off…

  18. i think i’d say about 60%…..depends on your grounds for culling them i guess.

    i’d cull dull people…. and nasty people…..and politicians….and stupid people…and any American who likes Bush and any Brit who likes Blair

    i’m sure i could think of some more too

  19. Amy, you are the one with the name of Amylou. The lou sounds like loo which could be short for loopy. Believe me I could come up with much worse. Looney tunes. It’s very trusting of you to trust that I wouldn’t bump you off. I’m not sure what you base that trust on because I can be very mean.

  20. Face of Jel, 60% is very low. This should really be a blog entry all on it’s own.

  21. Amylou

    Sheer foolishness one thinks? But then I have the trump card of also being good friends with Mich. I know you’re fond of the lovely Mich (who isn’t?!). Mich likes me therefore I don’t think you’d cull me as it would upset the lovely Mich.

  22. hmmm, I’ve outlined some categories in my latest blog entry. If you don;t fit any you may be spared.

  23. Never accept the first offer on your house, there is always room to haggle. If you don’t you’ll always regret it afterwards.

  24. “‘ere Burt, ‘e won’t haggle”

  25. Everybody has room to ‘aggle Burt.

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