Daily Archives: 23 April 2007


Someone has put in an offer on my house.

It is for £5000 less than the asking price.

Should I accept or not?

Factors involved:

  • The offer is sufficient to allow me to place a hefty deposit on le château de grenouille and to clear all of my credit cards.
  • The buyers are first time buyers so there will be no chain at that end.
  • Apparently the current owners of le château de grenouille want a quick sale although I suspect that this is typical estate agent lying in order to get us to sell up quick so that they make money faster.
  • The current house (Étang de grenouille) has not been properly advertised yet as it doesn’t go into the papers until Wednesday.  I’m not sure what difference this will make though.
  • I’ve been very obnoxious since Thursday, even more than usual, those of you who spoke to me then know what I’m on about.  I’m very sorry and promise not to be so horrid in future.  I blame the stress and uncertainty of selling and buying a house (among other things) so selling up now may let me keep what few friends I have left.
  • I really want to move all my crap back in because I miss the clutter.

Well, what do you think?

In other news I’ve decided to support a general human cull.  There are too many and a lot of them are just in the way.


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