I’m feeling particularly effectionate at the moment so if anyone wants a cuddle just let me know.  Not in a sex way but just a big old friendly hug.

People don’t hug each other enough.


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11 responses to “Huggles

  1. MJ

    I want a hug, yes! =) How come did I get here???

  2. Sioned

    Yay! There is nothing better then froggy hugs! Gimme gimme!

  3. I’ll hug you just for being cheeky!
    Can I have another…?
    and another…..
    one more then I’ll I go….
    one more.
    Last one I promise.
    All Hugged Out! :o)

  4. Fabulous

    My family are hugaholics. Seriously i cant meet one without being squeezed half to death.. lol. But if its a nice little squidge then im up for it. *hug*

  5. I’m all too happy to oblige

  6. Ahem. Big boys need hugs too. Just make it quick and don’t tell anyone….

  7. Right you are. I could make it a manly hug with much back slapping if you like?

  8. Amylou

    Can I get in on that hugging action?

  9. Well, you’re a bit late but I’m still up for some hugging if you are.

  10. Amylou

    Sorry. I had a few days off and the wireless connection isn’t working at our house so I have been internet free for the past few days.

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