Reasons to be Cheerful

One more day at work after today and I have three days off.

Two people are viewing my house tomorrow.

Three shiny new photos of my house are up in the Hafalax window in order to sell my lovely house so I can buy le château de grenouille.  If you want to buy a three bedroom house in Havant with laminate flooring throughout, freshly tiled downstairs loo, new decoration throughout and a shiny new water tank please let me know and I’ll send you the details.

This is my living room.

Four adorable children always have trouble waking up in the morning and still look really funny when they stumble up to the breakfast table all bleary eyed.

Five bedrooms in le château de grenouille that will house my lovely family.

Six good webcomics:

  1. Beaver and Steve
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  3. xkcd
  4. Dominic Deagan: Oracle for Hire
  5. The Order of the Stick
  6. ErfWorld

Do you have half a dozen reasons to be cheerful that you’d like to share?


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31 responses to “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Amylou

    Ooh I want your house! Tis lovely!

    1) I have houmous
    2) I have salt and vinegar french fries
    3) I have coffee

    (okay so far they are all food/drink related)

    4) I am wearing a lovely yellowy mustrad top that I got for £10 from Sainsbugs
    5) After today I am not back to work til Monday.Woot.
    6) A sexy boy.

  2. Amylou

    Mistrad was obviously meant to be mustard.

  3. Amylou

    Fuck. Mistrad was obviously meant to be mustrad which was meant to be mustard! You can delete these other comments and also edit my first comment!

  4. Oh no, I’m leaving those in. Funnily enough I read it as mustard the first time. Have you got enough spare cash to buy my house? I’ll even gift wrap it for you?

  5. Amylou

    Damn you Frog!

    Funny you should ask..I currently have 90p in my purse….is it much more than that?

  6. It is a bit more than that, yes. Can you borrow some more? Maybe the office could have a whip round for you? Or you could sell lemonade from your front yard?

  7. Amylou

    We don’t have a front yard..a back one but not a front one. Maybe the housemates and I could offer to wash cars in bikinis whilst selling lemonade? That would get a few more pence I would think seeings as most of our neighbours are prepubescent students.

  8. Fabulous

    oooh your house is lovely and tidy ready for viewings. Well done you.
    Ok 6 resons to be happy. Hum.
    1) I have just chopped all my hair short so makes it nicer in the sun to keep cool.
    2) Tonight is Pizza and games night. yay.
    3) I got some new shiney beads to make into earrings
    4) I have counselling tomorrow so that will sort out my head.. lol.
    5) I bought 2 cheezy mags today to catch up on celeb gossip

    and if i had to have a number 6.. it would be that you finally blogged. x
    6) Sipping on ginger beer. yay.

  9. oooooooooooooooooooooooo a list!!
    1) i don’t have a migrane today
    2) i too have shiny beads
    3) i had MY counselling last night and it was good.
    4) i got some work done today that i was dreading and it wasn’t that bad
    5) i got a tan at the weekend
    6) the Boy made me giggle this morning when we woke up

    today is ace

  10. Amy, that’s just pervy…but if it means I sell my house faster then I think you should do it.

    Fab, mmmm pizza. I blogged yesterday, cheeky.

    Jellyface, more about number 6 please…..kidding….well a bit.

  11. Amylou

    It’s not me that’s the pervy’s the youths.

  12. well he had all of a stubbly face and it tickled….

  13. Fabulous

    My boy came back from Manchhester all stubbly as he forgot his razzor. I told him that he wouldnt get kisses until he shaved. He has a habit of scratching my belly and neck with his stubble.
    Yes well hover i wasnt around yesterday. And before then it was 11 days.. hehe

  14. i got more than a scratched face and neck 😉 lol

    but he’s now all shaved and soft! woo

  15. Fabulous

    haha *blocks ears* too much information.. lol

  16. Loopy, riiiiiight! You’re pandering to them and encouraging the impressionable yoofs to naughtiness. This makes you the perv. Perv!

    BabyJello, that wasn’t as interesting as I was hoping. Please make something up next time. Something involving a feather please and rudery. I mean it’s nearly Friday isn’t it?

    F.A.B he sounds like he has a really long chin if he can tickle your belly and your neck at the same time….unless you’re really supple? *goes off to imagine*

  17. My reasons to be cheerful:

    1) I am seeing you tomorrow
    2) I have tidied my whole room
    3) I have over 100 pairs of knickers
    4) It is super sunny in Brighton AGAIN
    5) I still have 4 days holiday to go
    6) I am probably going out dancing tonight 🙂 🙂

  18. Not that I’ve got a one track mind or anything but why so many knickers? Are you planning on giving them out as prizes or something? This leads me on to the type of competition that you’ll be having and now I want to know who’s entering.

    And there I was with the punchline.

    Need wine. Red wine. Now.

  19. Amylou

    Nu-uh. I am definitely not the perv.

    I am intrigued by all the knicker buying from SHG though. Were they bargainous pants?

  20. Maybe they match her outfits?

    Oi, pervy. You shouldn’t be thinking about her trollies. That’s a man’s job.

  21. i’d love to have a 100 pairs of panties….

    i’d say i have about 30 😦

  22. Pinkface, 30 is still a lot. You don’t need to wash any for like a month. More if you’re a bit filthy. Also panties always sounds pervy to me. I don’t know why.

  23. i do change mine quite a lot… i often put a new pair on to go to bed….

    i’d rather have 100 though, dead expensive ones too

  24. I’d always imagined that you slept in the nude for some reason. Before you ask I think about how everyone sleeps and not just pretty women so I’m not at all pervy. Well, possibly a bit pervy.

    Anyway, what is the value in having expensive underwear? If you’re lucky someone will only remove it with their teeth and if you’re not then it only has to keep your bits from chafing. I think that you’ll agree that chafed bits are no fun and that underwear’s primary purpose is to prevent this from occurring.

  25. i do sometimes sleep in the nude…it depends how i’m feeling

    this is true… i do have some pretty underwear but it’s all itchy and uncomfortable becasue it’s all lacy…although i’d like some really silky panties…
    i mostly have all the same stuff in black and white a few times over…and then some nicer stuff..

  26. You shoudl definitely do a whole blog entry about your underwear drawer. With pictures and perhaps some modelling by yourself and some of your female friends. It would be a shame to have talked so much about it and not to carry it on to it’s proper conclusion.

    You know I’m right about this. Think of it as art.

  27. i’ll see what i can do…..

  28. You forgot White Ninja from the webcomics… 🙂

  29. I have many other favourite webcomics but I wanted to limit myself to six. I mean I didn’t put Darken down or Exterminatus Now.

  30. So, Froggy, you go away for 11 days and when you come back your blog is full of even more filth than mine is: multiple ladies pants, pervy students and semi-nekked car washes and protracted discussions on swallowing. 🙂

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