Isn’t it lovely to be missed?

Apparently I haven’t blogged for 11 days.  This is quite a break considering I used to blog daily without fail (even if I had nothing to say) and quite often I would blog several times in the same day.  Of course this was back in the heady and frantic days of “20Six that was” when an entry would attract dozens of comments and a good entry could go up to a hundred or more.  It’s good over here though.  I haven’t seen a bitchy comment over here at all and there is a distinct lack of spam.  This is very cool.

Anyway I have several excuses. some of them are even good.  However I won’t bore you with the details except to sell that my house is now clean, tiny and has a faint hint of a paint smell when you go through the front door.  It is also on the market for £35k more than I paid for it four years ago.  I think that this is a lot of money and if I thought it was sustainable I would buy and sell houses and live off the profit.  Sadly the extra filthy luca will be going on a deposit for an enormous mansion with it’s own Olympic sized swimming pool and helicopter pad….OK possibly just a bigger garden and more rooms.  It does have a pond though so I’m counting that as the pool.

One thing that I have discovered about myself in the past week and nearly another week is that I am excellent at tiling.  If I weren’t already an internationally renowned celebrity foot model and cheese taster (don’t try these at the same time) I would seriously consider cutting and gluing tiles to walls and floors for a living.  Seriously, I’m that good.

I’m not so good with the painting though…unless one of the skills of painting is to get it in your hair and on your elbows at the same time.  I suspect it isn’t which is why a career as a decorator eludes me.


The “ladies” in the office are discussing the various merits of spitting or swallowing.  It’s all quite graphic and the general opinion seems to be against swallowing. 


So apart from me being rich then poor again, but only in my own mind, nothing much is going on. 

I have some questions three for you.  Yes, you, my fellow WordPressers.

  1. If you were rich beyond belief what would you choose to do with your time?
  2. Spit or swallow?  State your own preference please.  Come on, don’t be shy.
  3. Make something up.


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11 responses to “Isn’t it lovely to be missed?

  1. 1. Eat cheese. All day long.
    2. Depends on what it is of course. Ribena on a hot day when I am parched, for example, would be swallow. No, it would be gulp. Man juice, which is what we all know you really mean you dirty little frog, well that is another story entirely. Spit it away. Unless I love him. Which doesn’t happen often.
    3. Technically isn’t a question but that’s just me being pedantic. The goose is a direct descendant of Elton John.

  2. You pedant, you. Elton John really should not have descendants…or antecedents but that’s wishful thinking on my part.

  3. Katja

    Swallow, without a doubt. Spitting is just rude – it’s in your mouth anyway, for god’s sake. There are times for being prudish and sex isn’t one of them.

  4. Adorable Katja! It is so good to have you here on my blog. I have missed you terribly.

    You are quite right on the subject of prudishness but then you are usually quite right about everything. I shall pop over and see you in a moment and do some hellooing. Ta ta for now m’dear.

  5. Amylou

    1) Open a cattery or a shelter of some sort…
    2) Swallow much for the same reasons as Kitty Kat
    3) I am a billionaire.

  6. A cattery Loopy Lou? *shudder*

  7. Amylou

    Well I’m going to be a crazy cat lady in later life anyways so I may as well mae a business out of them!

  8. True, but you’ll smell of wee then and the only things that’ll come near you will be cats. I am assuming you don’t want to be crazy cat lady for another 90 years or so otherwise you’ll have to start practicing the pong.

  9. Amylou

    I don’t really want to live to 116. I’m planning on dying when I’m 70ish..maybe 60ish cos I don’t want to lose my mind. Cats don’t smell of wee anyways plus they’re probably more intelligent than most of the boys I’ve dated!

  10. Oh dear. May I suggest raising your standards if cats are smarter than the boys you date. Seriously. I’m not even sure you’re sticking to the right species.

  11. Amylou

    Monsieur Frog you are a silly billy. Cats are more intelligent than most boys in general though…not just the ones I date. Are you a dog person? As in do you prefer dogs to cats not are you a dog masquerading as a person..that would be cool though…

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