Suggested by the stunning Michelle:

13 things in the room that you are in right now:

  1. A green mug.
  2. A Cisco free pen that has a magic blue light that comes on when you click the end.  It’s great, like a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver that writes.
  3. A post it note asking me to “Please do the scanner.  Please! Please! Thanks”.
  4. A grey CAT5e network cable.
  5. A hammer.  Obviously for percussive maintenance issues.
  6. A stack of inspirational pictures that need to go up on the walls.  You know the sort.
  7. My swishy new laptop.  It’s an HP Compaq nx9420 and is much better than my old one.
  8. The most beautiful server I have ever had the pleasure of working on.  It’s 1U and shiny.
  9. A pile of software licences.  Somewhere in there is the Office 2007 OEM installation CD.  I hope.
  10. My shoes.  My lovely new green trainers with the slightly too long green laces.
  11. My travelling expenses.  At nearly £50 a day I’d quite like this money back.
  12. My phone.  It’s a Blackberry 8700f and it really does stop me from getting away from work.  Curse you!
  13. A 4Gb flash memory stick that I keep calling a pen.

Anyway.  I should be finished in a bit and then I can go home and do DIY with The Hildy.  What have I missed while I’ve been working?

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