Comment tracking

Back in the heady days of yesteryear (23 June 2005) when I were a young lad new to blogging I became utterly enamoured with the wonder of comment tracking.  You could leave a comment on someone’s blog and then see the comments of everyone who subsequently visited and had something to say.  You could actually keep track of things that you’d said and follow multiple threads through for weeks or even months.


Sadly Twenty6 went down to pan, swapped platforms and decided that comment tracking was something that really wouldn’t encourage people to blog.  Frankly I’m lost without it so I turned my back on the bag of poo that my first blog had become and went over to Platform27 which was like a poor man’s 20Six, with half the people missing but most of the functionality.  It has comment tracking at least and some of the greatest people you could hope to meet online.  For a long time I double posted everything on both blogs but the whole thing started to annoy me.  A few of the old community didn’t come over to P27 but ran all over t’Internet looking for new pasture.  Some came here to WordPress, some went to Vox, some sad teens went to myspace *spits* but we don’t talk about them.  Not in growed up company anyway. 

Now many of P27 have started drifting away.  WordPress and Vox seem to have an equal split.

Anyway I’d quite like it if all my Internet chums could please come over to WordPress and stay here.  All this running around is really quite tiring. 

Alternatively could you all go to a platform that has comment tracking (like WordPress has) and then let me know where you’ve gone.  I quite like WordPress so I hope that you go for the former option. 

Things I’d quite like WordPress to have:

  • The ability to edit the HTML and javascript if I just want to change something
  • Cake
  • A photoblog section with vast amounts of free storage for all my lovely kids photos and pictures of rats
  • The ability to comment with HTML or just to comment with an image added
  • Have I mentioned cake

What do you want today?


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14 responses to “Comment tracking

  1. Fabulous

    After reading your blog all i want today is cake. Cake and more cake. x

  2. WordPress is great innit.

    Cake – where. I’ll have some pleeeeeaaaseeee

  3. SlytherinHeadGirl

    WordPress is where it’s at, motherf*ckers 😉

    PS – I have cake.

    Birthday cake.

  4. Now you come to mention there IS a distinct lake of cake on WordPress…

  5. yes but im on wordpress and thats almost cake!
    seriously tho everyone should move here. i tried vox but its not mac compatible so its poo.

  6. Jason


  7. Fab, me too. What’s your favourite?

    Moochy, um sorry but I seem to have run out. I think someone stole it. *ahem*

    Chloe, you can’t eat that cake till your burpday and that isn’t until tomorrow.

    Pun, I knew it.

    Tan, Mac? So you’re the one?

    Fellow person called Jason, sweeties! What an excellent idea.

  8. Amylou

    I’m on VOX and wordpress so I’m just being greedy. I would quite like mini eggs, a creme egg and also a raspberry cream turnover from Sainsbugs.

  9. flightbuff

    Biscuits please! I like it here but Flighty on 27 will continue yet a while as my main blog.

  10. 11 days since you posted on here…… SLACKER!!!!

  11. Are you coming to Brighton this week, old chum? I think we need to drink in the Grand Central again, really….

  12. Fabulous

    Yeah you love this blog so much that you havent blogged in 11 days. Im with soupy.. SLACKER!!!. hehe..
    But your right wordpress is way cool. And there is cake.

  13. ooopinionsss

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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