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Don’t panic, don’t panic Mister Mainwaring

I’m at the new office today.  The director of the new firm is panicking like a crazy panicker at a seminar for the easily panicked when a fire breaks out.  Basically I’ve had a week to set up the entire office’s IT systems and email is naturally reliant on a number of preceding factors.  Consequently it’s one of the last things to get sorted out.

Slaine mac RothThe very last thing I need is ten phone calls an hour asking me how it’s going.  I may have to go all Berserker on him.  I mean I’ve updated the MX records, I’ve configured the router to do it’s job and route outgoing mail to the ADSL’s IP address so the ISP can pick it up.  Routing of mail in the office is working fine.  Just getting it from t’Internet to the office and back again doesn’t seem to be working.  I’m sure it’ll be fine soon.  I’m just waiting for a support call when my chap gets back from lunch.

Hang on!  Phones ringing!

One more call and he can kiss my axe.

Hopefully I can finish by 4 so I can see the squeaky clean and wonderfully fragranced Slytherin Head Girl who will undoubtedly show me many of the delights that The Bright Town has to offer.

In other, less stressful news, I got my TMA back from my tutor.  I was a bit disappointed at the low mark.  I only got 96%.  I must be getting stupid in my old age.

Also The Hildy is cross with me.  It’s half term and she is eager to complete the many DIY jobs that are required to get our house ready to sell.  Rather than do this I have invited my little brother and his family to stay.  This may not have been the most diplomatic thing to do but I haven’t seen them in over a year and I really hate DIY.

However I get to make up.  Which is always good.

Finally, the girl opposite me keeps adjusting her boobs.  I don’t mind but it is very distracting. 


4 hours later.  Now waiting on a different phone call.  Things are not going well.  Apparently it’s a NAT entry that is causing the problem.  All they need to do is open port 25 for incoming and outgoing traffic.  Tsk!


Nearly 6 hours later.  I’m not having fun anymore.  I may start swearing soon.  Grr!


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