I’ve just read Jen Dziura’s blog about the perils of being female and attractive while being in the vicinity of males derived from the shallow end of the gene pool.  Her pet peeve is the comment “You’re pretty — why don’t you smile more often?”* and she goes on to educate the reader as to the reasons why she would not be smiling….tell you what, just go and read it.  I’ll wait.

Tum te tum.

Read it?  Good.  I shall now continue with my own blog.

I commented on Jen’s blog that it isn’t merely the manic who smile randomly.  I’ve been finding myself smiling more frequently than normal in recent weeks.  Perhaps I have simply allowed my own thoughts for the future to progress beyond the “worry point” and reach a resolution that I find wholly satisfactory.  Perhaps I have been pondering recent events and judge them to be successful.  Perhaps I am simply caught up with the beauty of the world that surrounds me and choose to express my pleasure with a grin.

Perhaps I’ve finally lost the plot.

What makes you smile?



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15 responses to “Smiling

  1. The Boy makes me smile…. which is good obv.
    At the moment, i’m still at bit lost about smiling, i often get the ‘smile love, it might never happen’ thing or else i get ‘cooor what a lovely smile’….so i don’t think i can win either way… i think i should go about wearing a ski mask or something!

  2. A ski mask would make your hair all flat. I suggest avoiding such foolish apparel in favour of a large peacock feather. You have a cheeky smile anyway. Jen’s smile is sarcastic. Mine is either mean or bemused….like my thoughts.

  3. it would also make my hair static – which wouldn’t be good as it would stick up a mile!!

  4. You’d still be beautiful. In fact messy hair can be very attractive.

  5. Reading that made me smile. I’m not sure why. Maybe because talking about smiling makes you do it.
    I’ve lost the plot too.

  6. Amylou

    I reckon you’ve lost the plot.End of.

    I shall now go read that blog though..I don’t liek to do things when I’m told to donchaknow?!

  7. Amylou

    OOH! I’ve just remembered I wanted to ask you how you link from my name to my blog though as I can’t find out how to do it but I think last time, you knew how to do it?

  8. Thanks Moochy, I don’t have a problem with smiling all the time when I’m happy. I’m glad to spread the cheer around as well.

    LoopyLou, I insist that you read Jen’s blog. Right now. She is most amusing.

    Loony Loop, huh? You’ve got a blog again?

  9. Amylou

    I read it!I was most amused!

    Yeah..I was just going to get an ID so I could comment but then have moved some vox entries over here.

  10. How can you have a picture and a name but no link.

  11. punctuation

    Of course Mr Frog – you could just be manic… 😉

  12. Amylou

    I don’t know which is why I thought you’d be able to tell me!

  13. Pun, very possibly.

    LoonyLoop, perhaps you have too high an opinion of my abilities. 😉

  14. Amylou

    Oh..darn it. Well could you find out and report back to me? Thanks ever so!

  15. Pah! Amy, I mock you with my monkey pants.

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