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I’ve just read Jen Dziura’s blog about the perils of being female and attractive while being in the vicinity of males derived from the shallow end of the gene pool.  Her pet peeve is the comment “You’re pretty — why don’t you smile more often?”* and she goes on to educate the reader as to the reasons why she would not be smiling….tell you what, just go and read it.  I’ll wait.

Tum te tum.

Read it?  Good.  I shall now continue with my own blog.

I commented on Jen’s blog that it isn’t merely the manic who smile randomly.  I’ve been finding myself smiling more frequently than normal in recent weeks.  Perhaps I have simply allowed my own thoughts for the future to progress beyond the “worry point” and reach a resolution that I find wholly satisfactory.  Perhaps I have been pondering recent events and judge them to be successful.  Perhaps I am simply caught up with the beauty of the world that surrounds me and choose to express my pleasure with a grin.

Perhaps I’ve finally lost the plot.

What makes you smile?


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