Daily Archives: 25 March 2007

TMA 01

The Hildy suggested treating our adorable children to an hour or so of physical exercise at the Horizone playcentre. This was not entirely without a certain degree of selfish motivation.  I’m reliably informed that the ambient noise level of the Horizone is sufficiently high to prevent conversation and the lack of adult entertainment (or rather entertainment for aduts) acts as a focus for the mind.  This certainly seems to be the case because I shot through the last of my TMA in under an hour. 

After getting home and proofreading it I’ve submitted it on the eTMA system.  It’s not due until the 29th.  I suppose I’ll have to get on with some work now.


In other news: I bought new shoes today.  They’re green.  The fact that I’m secretly pleased about this says something about me as a person.  I’m just not sure what.


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