pumped-up(a): tense with excitement and enthusiasm as from a rush of adrenaline; “we were really pumped up for the race”; “he was so pumped he couldn’t sleep”

Bipolar: An analog semiconductor process technology characterized by fast switching speeds at the expense of high power consumption. Bipolar transistors can also function as fast speed digital circuits.

I’m a little wired today.  I have this project you see.  Sometimes I get like this where everything just falls together and I work like a demon.  No food, no drink, no sleep.  Just work till I drop.  I like to think I’m at my most creative when I do this but I probably make more mistakes per 1000 lines of coding than I would otherwise.

I’m also at my most obnoxious when I’m like this.  Some of you may have noticed the build up in the last week or so.  Sorry about that.

Anyway to focus my creative energies where I’m getting paid to focus them I’ll be taking a brief break from blogging.  I expect a week will be sufficient.  Wish me luck with the demon!


I’ve also got Stand on the Right’s excellent questions which I shall definitely do as soon as I stop being such a shit.


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2 responses to “Wired

  1. that’s a fabulous demon

  2. You should see my inner ones. Most magnificent and with bigger horns.

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